Thursday, November 20, 2014

Gymnastics Party!

Carson and Avery had a very fun Frozen and Ninja Turtle themed birthday party this year. We decided to do something fun and simple for the big 5 year birthday and had their party at Metroplex Gymnastics in Allen. It was so fun!!
I also went easy and simple with the cake this year and ordered cupcakes from Sams!

The kids were so excited!!
Mac, Carson and Gavin
These 3 are TROUBLE!! Love these boys!!
And love this sweet boy too. He wants to be a big kid so badly!
The kids were so anxious to get down to the gymnastics room!
But first we had to sing and blow out candles!!
Sweet 5 year olds!

The boys (with a couple of girls mixed in). Jackson, Jessie, Rylin, Mac, Carson, Gavin, Cason, Parker, Katelyn, Reid, and Henry.
And the girls! Taylor, Avery, Ava F. Ava L. Molly, Camille, Ellie, Fiona (and Teagan).
MiMi and Ryree!
This was such a fun place to have a birthday party! We had the gym to ourselves for an hour and a half of free play, and the kids went non stop. They had lots of fun climbing structures,



and an awesome foam pit!

But I think the thing they all loved the most was the zip line! It was so fun! The kids all lined up for some instructions from the coaches.

They were practicing how they would hold on, then let go of the handle. Check out Cade in the background. Ha!
So much fun!!

They loved it!!

We decided to do presents at home to limit the chaos!

New scooters from DD!

And a gun and boots from MiMi!
After the gymnastics party, we had our family and our Miller family over for dinner to celebrate a little more! 
Playing Ring Around the Rosey, so cute!
Avery and Ava, two beautiful princesses!
MiMi organized some pumpkin decorating on the patio. Cade was more interested in eating the paint.
The big kids enjoyed it though!
Happy Birthday Carson and Avery!

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