Friday, December 31, 2010

What a week!!

Let me just start out by saying that I hate RSV!! Especially when it's RSV times two, or I guess I should say times three, because I'm pretty sure I have it now too.
Carson and Avery started getting sick on Sunday on our drive home, then by Monday morning they both had bad coughs and were starting to sound croupy. Carson was working pretty hard to breathe and starting to make me nervous. I took them in Monday morning and sure enough they have RSV and croup. Their Dr. gave them some steriods and Carson a breathing treatment which seemed to help pretty quickly.
This week has been a pretty rough one. They are miserable, sleep deprived and just plain cranky!! It's been a while since I've had that feeling of, 'there's two of them and only one of me.' But this week I sure have, they both want to be held all the time, but they don't want to share me. It's so sad....I need a clone! They elbow and try to push each other away so they can be the only one being held. But I have gotten a lot of sweet cuddle time with each of them this week. Which, selfishly, is the only good thing about them being sick. They are so tired because they keep waking themselves up coughing. Poor babies, they just want to feel better. We are all exhausted!

Carson has become a little bit of a daddy's boy lately. I heard him in the hall whining and saying "DaDa" and I walked over to find him sitting by the garage door looking for Shane. It was so sad, but kinda sweet at the same time.
Avery loves her paci's (which she now calls, "pie"). She tries to hold as many as she can at the same time. Sweet girl!
On the up side, at least they waited until after Chirstmas to get sick. And at least they both have it at the same time so we only have to do this once. We are ready to be better and get out of this house!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


We had a fun and busy Christmas weekend!
We drove to Del Rio this year to spend Christmas at Travis and JJ's house (Shane's brother and sister-in-law). It is still amazes me that you can drive 8 hours and still be in the same state!! The babies did SO good on the drive both ways. We left during afternoon nap time and they slept and watched their baby einstein dvd's and were such great little travelers.
We exploded into Travis and JJ's house with all of our stuff around midnight. It's crazy how much stuff these babies require for just one weekend.
They had fun exploring a new house and quickly discovered the doggy door. It didn't take long for them to figure out a quick route into the backyard.

Christmas Eve was a beautiful, warm day, so we walked over to the park to let the babies play.
Avery and Grand-D coming down the slide.
They were much more interested in the rocks than playing on the playground.
We had to put paci's in to keep them from eating the rocks.
Christmas Eve night we got all dressed up and headed to church for the candle light service. It started at 7:00, so I was nervous about how Carson and Avery would do. Thankfully they took a late nap that day and they were both excellent during the service. Sat through the whole thing, I was shocked and so thankful!
Avery loved aunt JJ's Christmas tree!

Family picture at church. A sweet old lady gave Avery a lemon after the service, kinda random, but she loved it!
Christmas morning!!
Avery checking out all the presents Santa brought.
Opening presents with daddy
As expected, they were more interested in the paper.
"This one's mine!!" Avery making claims on her Christmas presents.
A puppy from Travis and JJ. She loved it and wanted to give it kisses, while sitting in the box of course.
Then Carson decieded he needed to close Avery up in the box.
Carson's new train set.
He's really been into trains lately. He says, "too-too" (choo-choo) while making the motion with his arm. So cute!!
While the babies napped, we made and decorated sugar cookies.
We even got the boys to join in a little.
Showing our school spirit...
Carson and Avery got to decorate a couple....
and eat them too!!
Grandma had so much fun hanging out with her great-grandchildren
And so did Grand-D!
A little snuggle time with my sweet boy, these moments are few and far between these days. He's just too busy!
Avery was obsessed with Rio's ball all weekend. She followed Rio around saying, "ball, ball." Rio learned pretty quickly that if she brought the ball to Avery, that Avery wasn't going to give it back.
Carson was in heaven, having two kid-friendly dogs to play with. Not the case at our house, sadly.
Percy, the bulldog.And one more picture of Percy, because he is just so cute and I love his enormous underbite :)
Hope everyone had a great Christmas, we sure did!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas week

We have had a fun week leading up to Christmas.
We've been listening to Christmas music and baking treats and getting into the Christmas spirit.
This week we went to Bass Pro Shop to get some last minute gifts.
Carson and Avery enjoyed running around in the huge Santa's workshop. They had no interest in going anywhere near Santa, but they did enjoy the cookie decorating station.
Avery sat so nicely and decorated her cookie. As you can see, Carson isn't in the picture and that's because he stole another little boy's cookie and took off towards the train set :)

We also went over to our friend Angela and Rylin's house this week for a pajama playdate.
It was so much fun and the babies loved playing with their friends!
The mommies enjoyed hanging out and talking as well.
We attempted taking a picture of just the kids, but trying to get 7 one year olds to sit on a couch at the same time just wasn't happening.
Me and Carson
Last night we went over to my parents house to have Christmas with my family.
Avery sitting by the girl's tree.
A and MiMi
Carson and PaPa
Avery opening presents with aunt TT
Carson's new backpack
A and Tay opening their gifts
More presents!!
It was kind of a late night for Carson and Avery, and they did so great. That is until Carson spilled MiMi's wine glass over his head. It was all down hill from there.
Then he got to sit in his new wagon, so life was good again!
Avery's new kitchen from MiMi and PaPa
This is the best I could do on the cousin picture. Considering it was 9:30 at night, I would say it turned out alright.
Now we are off to Del Rio to spend Christmas with Shane's family.
Pray for us and our 8 hour drive!!
Merry Chirstmas!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fall Pictures

Here are the pictures we had taken in November.
This photo session completed the "baby package" we bought from Allison after the babies were born. It makes me sad, but I'm so glad she got so many good pictures...and lots of smiles!!