Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Carson and Avery had several opportunities to wear their Halloween costumes this past week.
We love to dress up!!
Here are my little cows with their Tiny Tots music class on Tuesday.
Wednesday evening we had our fall festival at church.
It was pretty hot that day so I had to dress Carson as a farmer instead. His cow costume was a little warm, and he's a sweater!!
His face got pretty dirty from his hard day working on the farm!!
Avery did great in her costume! She actually didn't mind the cow hood being on her head. I was shocked!!
She loves puppies!
Fun night at the festival.
Today we went trick-or-treating with Kennedy and Taylor and the rest of my fam in our neighborhood.
Farmer Kennedy with all of her farm animals.

Precious babies!!
They did so good. They actually walked up to most doors on their own. They were more interested in people's decorations and their barking dogs than the candy though. They were so cute!!
We had a really fun time this weekend. My sweet friend and old college roommate Lauren came to visit us from Georgia.
Carson and Avery loved meeting aunt Lauren!!We went to watch my dad skydive on Saturday. This was his first time to do it and we were so nervous for him!! Here is PaPa about to land.
He survived!
Then we got into the Halloween spirit with a little Pumpkin Carving this morning!
Happy Halloween!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

West Virginia

Last week our family traveled to West Virginia to visit my mom's side of the family.
PaPa and uncle Ryan drove, and the rest of us flew.
What a site we were with all of our stuff and all of our babies!!
Here is a picture of what it looks like to fly with 3 one year olds and 1 three year old.
They all did really well on the plane though!!
Sunday we had a "mini" family reunion at my Nanny and PaPa's house.
My mom has 6 siblings so there were lots of aunts, uncles and cousins for Carson and Avery to meet.
Here are all of the great-grandchildren.
Nanny and PaPa with all of their grandchildren (minus 1, who couldn't be there).
I have so many memories of Christmas's spent in this living room!!
I have always loved going up to West Virginia!
Avery loves her uncle Ryan!
Monday we drove to Roanoke, VA (my dad's hometown) for the day.
We went up on top of Mill Mountain (I think that's the name of it) to overlook the Roanoke valley.
So Pretty!!
Tuesday we went on a train ride up to the Cass Mountains.
It was beautiful and chilly and so much fun.
I'm kind of a little fascinated with trains, so I really enjoyed this trip!
Daddy and Carson on the train
Carson, Taylor, and Avery
On our way up the mountain.
One of the many beautiful views from the train.
Carson running around at the top of the mountain.
The rest of the week we just visited family and played.
This is where Carson stayed all week, on my hip. He got sick right after we got there and ended up with a double ear infection. I could not leave his sight. It was really sweet, but exhausting!
We stayed at my aunt's cottage that she rents out on the Greenbrier River.
It is so pretty there! We spent so much time outside just playing.
I don't think it got above 70 degrees the whole week.
It was so nice to be able to enjoy some real fall weather!

Avery and Kennedy in the hammock with MiMi
Carson was finally starting to feel better by the end of the week!

Oh how I love October!! By far my favorite month!!
I already miss the cool weather and the beautiful fall colors.
What a fun week!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Big Tex

There are only a few days left until the fair is over, so MiMi and I decided to load the babies up and take them to see Big Tex yesterday.
They didn't pay much attention to Big Tex though.
Too many people to look at!
They did however love the "farmer for a day" children's activity.
The kids get to put on an apron and walk through different stations to learn about how food is grown and sold.
It was really cute! They loved picking up the corn and putting it in their baskets (and in their mouths too, of course!).

Carson loved to carry the basket around.
Picking vegetables
Avery wasn't too happy here, I think she wanted to drive!!
We also walked through the petting zoo.
You can't see Carson's face in this picture but he is really excited.
He loved the goats!!
Avery was ok with them, but didn't want to touch.
She preferred to just wave to the animals.
I had to pull Carson away form the fence when it was time to leave.
I think he would have stayed there all day.
He really loves animals!!
My sweet girl!!
Our last stop was at the car show. You just can't go to the fair without taking a peek at all those cars.
I told Shane to prepare himself for when she turns 16, she has good taste!!
We had a fun day at the fair (complete with a Fletcher's corny dog and a funnel cake, the babies even got to try a couple of bites!!) and can't wait to do it again next year!!