Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Zoo

Carson and Avery had their first trip to the zoo last week.
Daddy took the day off and we went to the Dallas Zoo for their birthday.
Uncle Ryan, Aunt Tiffani, Kennedy and Taylor went too.
It was so fun!!

Love this picture!
Sweet cousins.

Avery with Uncle Ryan
KennedySo curious!
We saw an albino alligator (yes, he's real!!).....
....some snakes...
.....cute, playful penguins....
.....but our favorite were the giraffes!
Carson loved them! Avery was a little scared.

Have you ever seen such a long tongue?
We had a fun family day at the zoo!
Carson and Avey had their 1 year appt. yesterday.
Carson was 22lbs (50%) and 31in long (75%)
Avery was 19lbs 8oz (25%) and 29.5in long (50%)
One year ago Carson was 5lb 10oz and Avery was 6lb.
It's crazy that in a year they can nearly triple and quadruple their weights.
They're so big!!

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