Sunday, October 10, 2010

Birthday Bash

Carson and Avery had their first birthday party on Saturday.
Can't believe that our "little pumpkins" are one!!
MiMi made this cute sign for the front door.
and this one for the yard!!
Their monthly pictures.
We had a wonderful time at the birthday party, celebrating with family and friends.
Great Grandma came all the way from Florida for the occasion.

Do you know many great grandmas that can still do this??
She sure does love these babies!!
Carson and Avery love their new car!!
Daughter, Mom, Grandma, Great Grandma!
Avery and Ted
Carson and MiMi
Carson and PaPa
(he's saying, "PaPa" in this picture)
Carson with Aunt TT and Uncle Ryan
Daddy hard at work!

The kids decorated pumpkins,
and the big kids carved pumpkins.
The final results
Sweet girl!
They loved opening all of their presents!!We had to get a few pictures of the kids in their Halloween outfits aunt KiKi made.
Going, going....
Birthday Cupcakes, and my favorite: pumpkin chocolate chip squares.
Happy Birthday To You...
They started out by just tasting the icing,
But very quickly dove right in!

I think Carson ate the whole thing.
Avery ate most of it, then started smearing it all over her face and head.
What a fun first Birthday!!


  1. So cute, so fun, & way to go Carson on the cupcake!! I'm sure Avery was just going for a little facial treatment:)....they're so sweet. Happy, happy 1 year! Oh...and what a catch on those chairs! That was hilarious...

  2. What a fun party!! I LOVE Avery's tutu!