Friday, March 22, 2013

The past few weeks

This sweet little boy is going to be 1 month old tomorrow...big sigh. But for today he is still only 3 weeks! The past 3 weeks have flown by way too fast. We are so in love with this sweet baby boy and I can't imagine him not being in our family. It's crazy how quickly a new baby just fits right in. We sure do love him, and all of his many little facial expressions!
The "stretch face"
The "mouth wide open passed out face"

The sweet little yawn face
 My favorite, the "owl lips"
And the sweet little sleepy face

I love this one of his double chin, he is quite the eater!
Mom, stop taking my picture
Precious little hands
Here is Cade's first picture with Bunny at 1 week old.
At his first Dr. appointment (5 days old) Cade weighed 7lbs 7oz (almost back to his birth weight). We went back the following week for his 2 week visit and he was already up to 8lbs 6oz and 21.5 inches. I'm telling you, the boy loves to eat! He is such a sweet baby, we've all been enjoying lots of snuggle time with him!

Carson and Avery love him so much! They love kissing his head and feet (we've been working on not kissing his face all the time, especially since Cade already has his first cold which he caught from his big brother and sister...I knew it was inevitable with having older kiddos around, but I still wish he was a little older before he got sick the first time. He has been so pitiful when I suction him, it makes me so sad. But let me tell you, if you don't have a nosefrida, go get one. It's a totally disgusting little device used to suction babies noses, but it works so much better than the bulb suction) Anyway, Carson and Avery have been adjusting pretty well to having a baby around. They want to help a lot, which can be a little overwhelming for mommy sometimes, but I am just so thankful that they love him and have accepted him with open arms and hearts!

 First cousin picture! And yes, Carson is wearing Avery's dress and tutu (they had been playing dress up... and yet another reason it's so good Carson has another boy around)
Carson and Avery have been keeping pretty busy the past couple of weeks. They had Texas week at school a couple of weeks ago.

Then MiMi stayed with us last week during spring break to help out. It was wonderful! Carson and Avery stayed very busy with fun trips to the Arboretum, and the Heard Museum. Plus lots of fun outside playtime. 
Planting flowers
Carson loaded up these crates and said he was going to the deer lease.
Backyard campfire and hotdog roast!
Reading their babies some books.
I am so thankful for my mom, she kept Carson and Avery very busy last week so that I could enjoy one more week of recovery and lots of quiet time with this sweet boy!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cade's first few days...

I love having a new baby! I love being in the hospital and holding my baby all day! I love everything about the whole birth and postpartum process! I know, it sounds kind of crazy, but there is something so wonderfully sweet about those first few days with your new little baby!
Cade was quite the little screamer that first night in the hospital. I couldn't believe the shades of red he turned while he was screaming during his first bath (which they came to do at 4:00 in the morning) He was really only happy when he was nursing or laying on my chest. Which is where he pretty much camped out for 4 days.
I didn't mind one bit though!
After that first night, he really calmed down and seemed to adjust to the outside world. He's been a pretty laid back baby since then (unless he's cold or hungry). He figured out the whole breastfeeding thing right away and I was able to nurse him within the first hour he was born. He's a good little nurser and breastfeeding has been going really well so far! He is such a sweet baby and I really cherished those 4 days I had in the hospital just getting to know him.

Precious boy!
We waited until Sunday morning to bring the kids up to the hospital. I had him so late on Saturday night and we thought it would probably be a disaster trying to bring them up so late in the day. Our sweet baby sitter Brittany came over to watch Carson and Avery so that my mom could be there for his birth. DD stayed at our house while we were in the hospital and brought the kids up to meet their new baby brother. They were so excited to meet him!

Our first picture as a family of 5.
Proud big brother and big sister!
Cade also got to meet his Mimi and Papa,

Cousin Taylor,
Cousin Kennedy,
Uncle Ryan,
and several of our sweet friends that came up to the hospital.

Carson and Avery came back up on Tuesday to visit again, which was a little crazy and loud, but they loved seeing their baby brother again.

Shane and I enjoyed lots of sweet cuddle time with this baby boy before we headed back home and back to reality.

My wonderful Dr!
They discharged us Wednesday morning and I once again cried (just like I did last time I left the hospital with my babies). The hormones had kicked in and I started having all the same feelings I did last time. I was sad that he was already 4 days old and that this was (most likely) my last time to give birth and bring home a new baby. I get really attached to these newborn days and I get really sad when I think about my babies growing up! Anyways, I knew I couldn't stay forever and that I had to get back to normal life sooner or later, but I was still a little sad about it.
Here we are all packed up and ready to go!
So tiny in that carseat.
We had two very excited kiddos waiting for us when we got home!
They sure love their baby brother!