Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Maybe next year...

Santa won't be so scary!!
Poor babies. 
They recovered quickly though, after they got their candy canes!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Oh Christmas tree...

We made our 2nd "annual"(skipped last year, didn't even put up a tree at all...two newly walking toddlers...didn't have it in me) trip to a tree farm to cut down our Christmas tree. 
It was quite the experience this year. 
We drove close to an hour to this farm and as we were driving in the gates it started pouring down rain. 
We waited out the rain for a few minutes then headed out on the hayride to find the perfect tree.
Avery wanted this one

After about 5 min of tree shopping, the rain came back.
The kids didn't care at all and really enjoyed tromping around in the rain and mud.
We then very quickly chose a tree and hightailed it back to the hayride. 
A little wet, but still having fun!

And here is the final product!
It's a little bare at the bottom, but it's just as well cause the ornaments have been rearranged about a hundred time by two "helpful" toddlers. 
I will consider it a success if we make it through Christmas with the tree still standing!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thanksgiving (a little late)

We had a fun Thanksgiving with my family this year.
Mimi went all out on the table, so pretty!
Arts and crafts at the kids table.
So crazy that they're old enough to sit at a kids table this year.
Daddy fried a yummy turkey!
The big kid table :)
My family trying to get a picture together: craziness! Avery had bronchitis and was on antibiotics and steroids, she was really pretty happy that day, but we could see a little of the "roid rage" kicking in during picture time :)

Sweet cousins

Playing on my old piano
Kennedy is doing competitive cheerleading now, so whenever all the kids get together all they want to do is stunts.

Helping MiMi wash the dishes.
He's going to make a good husband one day!
And it just wouldn't be a Johnson/Miller thanksgiving without the newspaper spread out on the den floor during the cowboys game. Black Friday here we come!!
Sleepy daddy!
We have so much to be thankful for!
So very blessed!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


It used to sound so old.
Doesn't sound so old anymore!
I had a wonderful thirtieth birthday week!
Shane and I went to Napa and San Francisco the weekend before my birthday.
It was such a fun trip!

Then on my actual birthday, Shane surprised me with a fun birthday dinner at Los Cucos with my family and friends. It was so sweet and so fun to spend my birthday with so many people that I love!

Then this past weekend we went up to Oklahoma with my family and our friends the Longs. We always go to Oklahoma the second weekend of November for the Broken Bow Folk Festival (which falls on or around my birthday every year, so fun)

Three of my four favorite guys...so sad Ryan, Tiff and the girls couldn't come this year.
Listening to some folk music
My dad and uncle Ken (who comes in almost every year from Florida to fish and go to the festival...yes, we love it that much :)

Avery's first s'more. There isn't a picture of Carson with his s'more because he threw his into the fire within seconds of us making it for him.
The Long's, love them!!
My sweet little family!
What a fun, fun birthday week I had. Lots of celebrating, I truly feel so loved.
Turning thirty isn't so bad after all!!