Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Spring at the Arboretum

We enjoyed a beautiful spring day with Mimi at the Dallas Arboretum a few weeks ago.
My kids love the Arboretum!

They suffered through several forced pictures before they finally got to play!

Sweet baby!
They even got to play in the fountains in Frog Alley. 
In their clothes. 
They thought that was pretty cool!

Such a fun day!

Cade's first bath

Catching up a little.
Cade has his first official tub bath just one day shy of his month "birthday." He lost his cord on day 10, but it didn't heal completely until he was almost a month old, so he was in need of a good scrub down. The sponge baths just weren't cutting it anymore.
I had two very eager helpers during bath time.
Cade was not a fan! Screamed the whole time! Poor guy.
What just happened to me??
I love a post bath baby!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

2 months

Cade was two months old on April 23rd.
He's getting so big!
We had his two month appointment the same day. He was 13lbs 1oz (75th percentile) and 24 1/4inches long (90th percentile). He also got his 2 month shots, poor guy. He passed out shortly after all the screaming. This is very out of character for him, because he usually hates his carseat. It's made for some very loud car rides for us.
He started smiling and cooing a few weeks ago. It is just the sweetest thing.

He's also starting to notice his big brother and sister. They love it when he smiles at them!

He still loves the Moby wrap and this is usually the only way I can get anything done around the house. He's not great about napping on his own. He pretty much thinks he needs to be held during all of his naps...bad habits, but I'm soaking it up while I can!
He's pretty good about doing his tummy time and is starting to hold his head up for several seconds at a time.
He rolled over from front to back on April 17th. He's only done it one other time since then. He's slowly getting the hang of it.
We are really not on any kind of schedule still. He still wants to nurse every 2-3 hours during the day and sometimes every hour in the evenings. Which is probably why he is over 13lbs already. He also wants to nurse to sleep, I have a really hard time getting him to sleep without nursing. More bad habits, but I'm just enjoying it! It's been so different this time. I didn't get to enjoy just nursing whenever I wanted to with Carson and Avery, so I've really enjoyed just feeding Cade and holding him whenever he wants. He's been sleeping about 5 hours straight during the night in his pack and play, then he usually ends up sleeping on me the rest of the night. It's so hard to stay awake when I feed him in the middle of the night. He also won't take a paci, which really surprised me. Carson and Avery were paci babies from the beginning, but Cade acts like I am putting poison in his mouth every time I try. We've tried 3 different brands, he just will not take it. It makes me kinda sad, because I love me a paci baby. We've also been having a really hard time getting him to take a bottle. I've also tried like 4 different brands of bottles, he's just not a bottle fan.
Little turkey, he knows what he wants!
All dressed up his his church clothes!
He's wearing size 2 diapers now and is starting to wear some of his 3-6 month clothes, but is mostly still in 0-3 month. He is such a sweet baby, I just can't get enough!