Monday, March 29, 2010

6 Months

I know I say it every month, but I can't believe that Carson and Avery are 6 months old.
It's hard to believe that in another 6 months we will have 1 year olds........Crazy!!
These past 6 months have been full of fun, adventure, learning, love, and lots and lots of growing!!
At 6 months old Carson and Avery:
-are eating baby food. I've made them sweet potatoes, and peas. They loved both and are now eating applesauce as well. I think I made a bigger mess making their baby food then they did eating it. But it was fun and so much cheaper!
-love playing in the floor. They are playing with their toys a lot now, so they love being able to roll around on the floor and go from toy to toy.
-are making so many new noises. They have really discovered their voices!
-want whatever we have in our hands. They are grabbing at everything and want to touch and play with whatever we are holding. (Which makes eating out fun!! Avery pulled my drink over the other night at dinner.)
-have a bed time now, 7:00. It's working really well for us.
-are still only able to sit up for a few seconds on their own, but they are getting better at it.
-are laughing so much now. Who knew that mommy and daddy were so funny!
-are able to sit in the "big" stroller now. We got a side by side stroller. They look so small in it, but they love being able to sit up and look around during our walks.
-have started to notice the dogs. They smile at Maggie and Django and try to grab their faces. They love getting "kisses" from their big sisters.
-have found each other! I love it! They interact and "talk" to each other. They will look right at each other and squeal back and forth. It's so cute! They have also started rolling on top of each other and grabbing each other's faces. I can already see a little sibling rivalry starting!
They sure are sweet!

Avery is a very active baby! She never stops moving. Even when she is falling asleep, she is still moving. She usually rubs/pulls at her ear or plays with her feet while she is eating. It's getting harder to feed her because she is so distracted and just wants to play. She is also pushing up on her hands and knees and rocking back and forth. She started pushing up a couple weeks ago and then started rocking this past week. I think we aren't far from crawling. Avery is such a happy baby, she smiles at everyone. She has started grabbing our faces and pulling her mouth up to ours. It's the sweetest thing! She is mostly wearing 3-6month clothes, but can still fit into some of her 0-3month stuff. She usually eats 4oz and is still getting up a couple of times during the night to eat. We've made a little progress with our sleeping situation, but still have a long way to go. Oh, and the tooth I thought she was getting, was not a tooth. I'm not sure what it was, but it's gone now. So, no teeth for us yet!

Carson is his mommy's boy! He loves to be held. He will look right at me and grunt and fuss till I pick him up, it's so cute! He loves to be rocked to sleep at night, but is able to put himself to sleep for naps now. One of my favorite times of day with Carson is at night when I rock him to sleep. He is so cuddly and sweet. He still has some stranger anxiety, especially when he's tired. Carson smiles a lot, and is so happy to see his daddy when he comes home. Nobody can make him laugh like his daddy does! He is scooting and rolling all over the place, and loves to play with his toys! Carson is my eater! He is eating 6-7oz now. He recognizes his bottle and will grab it and pull it into his mouth. He gets very excited to drink his bottles! He has slept through the night a couple of times this past week, but still usually gets up once to eat. He is sleeping in his crib and doing really well! Carson is wearing 3-6month clothes and some 6-9month stuff. He's definately way bigger than his sister now. (We go to the dr. next week, so I'll post their weights then). He drools so much. I keep waiting for a tooth to pop up with all that drool, but nothing yet.

My little Baylor Bear:
They were finally able to wear their Baylor outfits yesterday.
Sad loss for the Bears, but we are still so proud of them!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring is in the air!!

Except for the random 6 inches of snow we got on Sunday, we have been having some beautiful spring weather! Carson and Avery have been spending lots of time outside, and they love it!! It's so nice to be outside after such a cold winter. One of my favorite things to do in the spring is to go to the Dallas Arboretum to see all the tulips that are in bloom. It is so pretty! We've been a few times in the past couple of weeks. I can't get enough! Here are some pictures of the babies in the flowers:

They were more interested in eating the flowers than posing in front of them!

Such a pretty smile!
My sweet boy!

Yay for spring!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

One Year Ago

What a special day March 10, 2009 was for us.
We had our appointment for our first sonogram that morning. Shane had taken the day off, and we headed out to the dr's office. I can't even describe the excitement/anxiety/anticipation we felt that day as we waited to see if we had a healthy little baby growing inside of me.
Shane held my hand as we both looked at the black and white screen. The sonographer said, "there's one heart beat, there's two heart beats, there's....(we both held our breaths as we waited to see if she was going to say
"three heart beats")....that's it, it's twins."
Two little perfect hearts beating inside of me. Simply amazing!
Wow!! We were having twins!
It never stops amazing me that these
two little fuzzy blobs turn into
What an awesome God we have!
Thank you Lord for my perfect little blessings!

Monday, March 1, 2010

5 months

Avery and Carson are 5 months old!
And they are busy, busy, busy! My attempt at taking their 5 month picture. They didn't want to sit still for the camera.
At 5 months they are:
-Rolling all over the place
-Smiling at just about anything
-Giving us an occasional giggle
-Loving sitting in the jumper and exersaucer. It's their favorite place to play. They love all the attached toys. It's so fun to watch them discover new toys!
-Still just eating rice cereal (I think we are going to try baby food this month).
-Love touching and grabbing our faces and have discovered how to pull mommy's hair.
-Able to sit up for a few seconds (while leaning foward on their hands) before falling over.
-They love to pull their paci out of their mouth and try to put it back in. It's really cute to watch them try and figure it out, but it's also a little frustrating in the middle of the night when they keep pulling their paci's out and screaming for us to put it back in!!
As I said earlier, Carson and Avery are very busy! My days of feeding them at the same time are over, they are just too wiggly now. Hopefully it won't be long till they are able to hold their own bottles.

Sleep continues to be our #1 battle these days. We are making a little bit of progress, but still have a long way to go before we have two babies that sleep through the night. Pray for us!!
Sweet, happy Avery!! She smiles at everything and is so playful. Avery has discovered her feet and her ears and loves to play with both. She is scooting foward and backwards on her belly. It won't be long before she is mobile. She is also getting a tooth, I think. For the past three weeks, she has had a hard, white spot on her bottom gum. I'm pretty sure it's a tooth, we'll see. Avery is still only eating 3-4oz at a time. She gets really distracted during her bottles and cereal. We have to give her a spoon to hold to keep her from grabbing the one we are feeding her with. Avery has such a sweet, open-mouthed smile. She melts my heart!!

My sweet boy! He wakes up every morning with a smile and is so happy to see us! Carson is a little more selective with who he gives his smiles to. And he is starting to have a little stranger-danger. We took them to Joyland (our church nursery) for the first time this past Sunday and Carson starting crying when we handed him over to the nursery worker. It was so sad!! Carson is good eater. He's eating 4-6oz and loves his cereal. He kicks his legs when he gets excited about something. Usually when he sees his bottle or between bites of cereal! So cute!
We finally had some nice, warm weather this past weekend. We took the babies out to play in the yard for a while. They love being outside.
Makes me excited for spring!