Wednesday, March 10, 2010

One Year Ago

What a special day March 10, 2009 was for us.
We had our appointment for our first sonogram that morning. Shane had taken the day off, and we headed out to the dr's office. I can't even describe the excitement/anxiety/anticipation we felt that day as we waited to see if we had a healthy little baby growing inside of me.
Shane held my hand as we both looked at the black and white screen. The sonographer said, "there's one heart beat, there's two heart beats, there's....(we both held our breaths as we waited to see if she was going to say
"three heart beats")....that's it, it's twins."
Two little perfect hearts beating inside of me. Simply amazing!
Wow!! We were having twins!
It never stops amazing me that these
two little fuzzy blobs turn into
What an awesome God we have!
Thank you Lord for my perfect little blessings!


  1. So precious! That is a beautiful picture of Carson and Avery!

  2. Yes, they definitely are perfect little blessings. I loved reading about what y'all were doing one year ago. Yes, we do have an awesome God! They are perfect!!!

  3. It IS absolutely amazing. I think anyone who says they don't believe in God has never had children or seen it happen. There is no way it just happens.