Thursday, September 29, 2011


I just can't believe that I have two, two year olds!
Where did the time go?
They seemed pretty excited that today was their birthday, and told everyone who asked that they are "two."

The birthday girl,
and boy!
Sweet boy hugging on sister,
This is rare, I usually can't get a single picture of them both looking at the camera, let alone being sweet to each other, while looking at the camera. I guess they knew it was a special day!
We had a fun day, presents and breakfast with daddy, then school, then shopping with MiMi followed by dinner with our friends.
Playing ring around the rosie with Gavin and Brooke (who they call "Daddy and Book" :)
It was a fun day!
I am so thankful for these two sweet babies...I can still call them babies right??
Happy 2nd Birthday Carson and Avery, we love you so very much!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Sniff, Sniff and Hallelujah

Yesterday was Carson and Avery's first day of "school" (mother's day out).
It was definitely a little bittersweet. I just can't beileve that they're old enough for school, but at the same time, I was so ready for it to start! This mama needs a little break :)  
They were really excited to put on their backpacks and carry their lunch totes.
Carson however wasn't too excited about getting his picture taken.
Or holding Avery's hand...
This girl was all smiles though!
Ready to head out the door!

I was able to get a couple more happy pictures in the parking lot before heading in.

Daddy came with us for the first day!
Looking for her class room...
Excited run down the hall (I was shocked, usually when we enter the nursery hallway, Avery starts crying and grabs onto my neck with a death grip, but not this morning :)
According to their teachers, they did great! She said that they were very good, ate all their lunch, and both slept the whole naptime and had to be woken up. I was shocked, first of all, that they slept so willingly and easily on a napmat in the floor with 8 other kids in the room, and secondly, I was schocked that Avery still had her bow and ponytail in her hair when I came to pick her up. This is definitely a first!
So all in all, the first day was a good one, I hope they are going to love their Tuesday/Thursday's as much I will!!