Tuesday, December 31, 2013

First Choir Show

Carson and Avery had their very first choir performance a few weeks ago at church. They did Wednesday night choir this year and were really excited to sing all their Christmas songs for us!
They did such a good job, and sang all the songs (very loudly).

Mimi and Papa came to watch.
Sweet babies!

Cade 10 months

This sweet boy is 10 months old!
And a very mischievous 10 month old he is!
He's discovered how to empty out his wipes.
How to climb on the dishwasher.
How to climb stairs
How to flip a laundry basket onto his head.
How to empty out a drawer.

And how to empty out a container of sprinkles all over the kitchen floor.
But goodness he's cute!!
Cade has been a busy boy the past month. He's learned how to pull up, how to get himself from laying to sitting, and how to crawl the traditional way on his hands and knees (finally! but when he really wants to go somewhere fast he gets back on his belly and starts army crawling again)
He has this one little snaggle tooth that has come trough on the top. The other three top front teeth aren't far behind. Which has led to lots of fussiness lately. And lots of chewing.
His favorite thing to chew on these days is Carson's nerf bullets. I pull these out of his mouth at least 5 times a day.

Cade loves watching his brother and sister play.
I love these matching shirts I got the boys! So cute!
At 10 months Cade:
-is pulling up on everything. Which has lead to lots of bumps and bruises. He also gets very frustrated because he can't figure out how to sit back down once he's pulled himself up on something.
-is eating table food like a champ. He loves chicken, turkey, ham and bread mostly. He also still lets me feed him just about any kind of baby food.
-is taking 1-2 naps a day
- is saying some cute new things. He says, "no-no-no" over and over as he crawls towards the dog's bowls. He also says "ma-ma-ma" when he wants more of something. He will say "buh-buh-buh" at Carson. So sweet!
-loves emptying things. Drawers, his diaper bag, toy baskets. He doesn't care, he just loves to empty things out!
-sits on his knees to play, which I just think is the cutest!!

Happy 10 months my sweet, happy boy! 

Disney Part 2

We spent Day 3 of Disney back at the Magic Kingdom. PaPa joined us for the day. He was staying with my uncle Ken (his brother) in Orlando for a few days and drove over to Disney to visit the Magic Kingdom with us!
Main Street USA

Besides the "log ride" this was the kids other favorite ride. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.
Papa photo bomb :)

MiMi was a life saver with Cade. She doesn't really like roller coasters so she watched him a lot so we could ride stuff with the kids.
Swiss Family Tree House
Meeting Mickey!

Stage show at the Castle
More rides!

Aunt JJ made some really cute shirts for the kids!

My blue eyed boys!

Carson was worn out again by the end of day 3. Asleep on the bus, clutching his giant tube of colored sugar under his arm with a stained upper blue lip. Yep, I'd say he had a fun day!!
After a little rest that afternoon, we hit the pool!
Our last full day at Disney was spent at the Animal Kingdom. This place is amazing!
The Tree of Life
We went on an incredible safari where we saw tons of animals, including giraffes, elephants, lions, hippos and tons more!

They had a fun petting zoo. The kids loved it!

The big kids loved it too!

This was Carson's favorite ride at Animal Kingdom. Dinosaur. You ride in a (very bumpy) jeep through an interactive dinosaur adventure. There is a huge T-rex that jumps out at the jeep roaring at the end of the ride. Avery cried and Carson, of course, loved it!!

While Carson was riding Dinosaur again with Mimi, Avery and Daddy hit the midway (as I've said before, Shane just can't resist midway games) where he won her this duck and the boys some monkeys. Avery also got her face painted.
We got to enjoy a very yummy character buffet lunch at Tusker House at Animal Kingdom. The food was really good, I thought. And the kids got to meet lots of their favorite characters. Mickey, Donald, Daisy and Goofy were all there.

Our last night at Disney World we went back to the Magic Kingdom for "Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party." The kids got to dress up and go trick or treating in the park. It was so fun! The park stayed open until midnight and we finished our vacation with a bang and stayed until it closed that night. The kids got to meet lots of characters and ride so many rides. We were the very last train to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad that night.

Love this one of them in front of the lit up Cinderella castle!
The kids were, needless to say, exhausted the next day on our trip home, but we had an amazing time and felt like we got to do and see so much! We were greeted with this sweet sign and toys for the kids from our neighbors Jim and Susan, who were watching the house for us while we were gone. Seriously, the best neighbors ever!!