Sunday, December 8, 2013

Little Baby in the Big Apple

Cade tagged along with me and Shane on my surprise birthday trip to New York City a few weeks ago. He was a great little traveler and seemed to like the Big City!
Cade's first ride in a cab. I was very surprised to learn that you don't have to use carseats in cabs in NYC. People just hop in with their babies unrestrained...crazy! These are not the most careful drivers we are talking about, glad we brought the carseat. 
Riding the subway with mommy and daddy!
He was such a trooper and did great with all the running around we did for 3 days.
We went to Serendipity for a frozen hot chocolate... mommy's favorite!
Checked out the Today show.
The Christmas tree was still under construction.
Toy shopping!
Shane watched Cade and let me go to a couple of shows. I saw the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. 
And Newsies. They were both so good!
We took a walk through Central Park and visited the spot where Shane proposed all those years ago!
And of course had to squeeze in a carriage ride through Central Park too.

It was such a great time to visit NYC, it wasn't too cold yet and all the trees were just beautiful!

Glad this little monkey was able to come with us. He was such a good baby on the plane both ways. Slept the majority of the way there and back (thank you benadryl).
What a fun trip!

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