Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Grand-D's house

We went to Houston last weekend to visit Grand-D and to go to Shane's highschool reunion.
Friday night we went to the FBBA homecoming football game.
Shane and Jordan in front of their old lockers.
Notice the death-grip Avery has on Grand-D's shirt :)
Lots of babies born to the class of 2000!!
Carson and Avery loved the football game.
I was really nervous about taking Carson because of all of the noise.
I can't even dry my hair with him in the bathroom because it scares him.
He did so great!!
He stared and smiled at the band eveytime they played, and he clapped his hands everytime people cheered. I was schocked!!
Guess we need to go to some more football games!
The babies loved playing in Grand-D's backyard.
Eating dirt!!
And they loved playing in the bookshelf.
I mean, really, why do I buy toys??
We took Carson and Avery down to the Waterway in the Woodlands so see the Koi fish and play in the sprinkler fountains.

Yes, we were those people letting our kids run around in a public fountain in nothing but their diapers. They had fun though!!

Sunday morning, Carson and Avery had their first trip to the park.
They, of course, loved it!!
First time in the swings.

What a fun weekend!!

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