Tuesday, December 28, 2010


We had a fun and busy Christmas weekend!
We drove to Del Rio this year to spend Christmas at Travis and JJ's house (Shane's brother and sister-in-law). It is still amazes me that you can drive 8 hours and still be in the same state!! The babies did SO good on the drive both ways. We left during afternoon nap time and they slept and watched their baby einstein dvd's and were such great little travelers.
We exploded into Travis and JJ's house with all of our stuff around midnight. It's crazy how much stuff these babies require for just one weekend.
They had fun exploring a new house and quickly discovered the doggy door. It didn't take long for them to figure out a quick route into the backyard.

Christmas Eve was a beautiful, warm day, so we walked over to the park to let the babies play.
Avery and Grand-D coming down the slide.
They were much more interested in the rocks than playing on the playground.
We had to put paci's in to keep them from eating the rocks.
Christmas Eve night we got all dressed up and headed to church for the candle light service. It started at 7:00, so I was nervous about how Carson and Avery would do. Thankfully they took a late nap that day and they were both excellent during the service. Sat through the whole thing, I was shocked and so thankful!
Avery loved aunt JJ's Christmas tree!

Family picture at church. A sweet old lady gave Avery a lemon after the service, kinda random, but she loved it!
Christmas morning!!
Avery checking out all the presents Santa brought.
Opening presents with daddy
As expected, they were more interested in the paper.
"This one's mine!!" Avery making claims on her Christmas presents.
A puppy from Travis and JJ. She loved it and wanted to give it kisses, while sitting in the box of course.
Then Carson decieded he needed to close Avery up in the box.
Carson's new train set.
He's really been into trains lately. He says, "too-too" (choo-choo) while making the motion with his arm. So cute!!
While the babies napped, we made and decorated sugar cookies.
We even got the boys to join in a little.
Showing our school spirit...
Carson and Avery got to decorate a couple....
and eat them too!!
Grandma had so much fun hanging out with her great-grandchildren
And so did Grand-D!
A little snuggle time with my sweet boy, these moments are few and far between these days. He's just too busy!
Avery was obsessed with Rio's ball all weekend. She followed Rio around saying, "ball, ball." Rio learned pretty quickly that if she brought the ball to Avery, that Avery wasn't going to give it back.
Carson was in heaven, having two kid-friendly dogs to play with. Not the case at our house, sadly.
Percy, the bulldog.And one more picture of Percy, because he is just so cute and I love his enormous underbite :)
Hope everyone had a great Christmas, we sure did!

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  1. Merry Christmas to the Daniels'!:) Glad those cuties had such a great time & were so easy. Makes life good...they're so adorable. Hope you got a sewing machine;)...hehe...