Friday, December 10, 2010

14 months

It is crazy to me how much Carson and Avery change from month to month.
Not so much with growth now, but developmentally.
It seems like they are doing and saying new things everyday!
I know that I have said that they are busy before, but man they are BUSY!!
My friends with twins told me that life would get crazy when they got mobile, and boy were they right. I think they have offically entered into toddler-hood. Always moving, into everything, throwing fits, climbing, fighting over toys...I think that's a good describtion of a toddler and of my children right now!! However, they are still so sweet and love to give lots of hugs and kisses to us and to each other. They play well together most of the time. They still love to close each other up in the cabinets and have started chasing each other around and under the kitchen table. They run together and laugh at each other, so sweet!! Their latest love is books. Finally!! They never really had much interest in books until about a month ago. Now they both love to sit and turn the pages and they'll bring us books to read to them. I love it!!
Avery is very into putting things around her neck. Anything that resembles a necklace she will put around her neck. My belt, the dog collars, cords (scary!!)... anything really. And she is really into bracelets and purses now. She loves to put bracelets and those plastic baby rings on her wrists. Last weekend we were getting ready for a wedding and she had the paci pouch with my lipstick in it on one wrist and my high heel on her other wrist. It was SO precious!! Sorry, no picture though.
Avery has become a little chatter box lately. I am amazed at how many words she suddenly has and how well she repeats things we say to her. Her newest words are: "do"(which is both juice and shoe)"tee"(tree-mostly when she is pointing to christmas trees) "tot"(sock) "nana"(banana)
"mommy"(which is sometimes me and sometimes MiMi) "eee"(eat) "pappy"(paci) "ellie"(my mom's dog Ellie-she says the ll's as a y sound-I'm not sure how to spell that in baby language). She is recognizing and repeating a lot of words from their Baby MacDonald movie, like: tractor(ta-tow), chicken(ti-tin), sheep(see), wheat(wee), apple(ap-poo), cow(moo). Any animal she doesn't recognize she will call a "puppy," she loves puppies! She calls her stuffed monkey's, "who-who's" She can point to and say, "eyes, nose, mouth," and she'll stick out and wiggle her tongue when you ask her where her tongue is. She gets really excited when she hears Carson on the monitor and will say, "bubby, bubby!" Avery has started to really play with her babies and "little people" toys. She'll actually sit for a few minutes and play with the little people nativity set. And she loves to give her baby kisses and pat-pats! She's becoming a little mother I think. Today I tried letting her feed herself yogurt and she actually did really well, after stealing Carson's spoon of course!

Carson has turned into such a BOY!! He runs most places, climbs on everything, can reach up and pull things off the counter and table, and basically never stops moving. I must say, "Carson, get down," at least 20 times a day! I am amazed at his energy!! He plays really hard, and thankfully, as a result, sleeps really hard. Where Avery will sit and play for a while, Carson usually bounces from toy to toy. He has started running from me while screaming and laughing when he has something he knows he shouldn't (usually my phone or the desitin tube) and man is he fast! He's also become a little escape artist. We were at my parents house last week and I walked into the kitchen for a minute and when I came back into the living room Carson was gone. We quickly found him, in the front yard!! He had pushed open their front door and walked out. Don't worry, they live on 2 acres and the house sits really far away from the street, but it still scared me. I was shocked he was able to do that. He is contantly surprising me and has definately proved me wrong on my ability to baby-proof! His latest thing is putting his hands behind his back. Sometimes it's just one hand, but usually it's both. He runs, walks, and stands with his hands behind his back... he's going to be such a good kindergartener!!

Carson has a few new words and sounds. He likes to drop and throw things down so he can say, "uh-oh." He also says "puppy," "A-vee" (Avery) "Booo" (Moo- any time he sees a cow or you ask him what a cow says) "du" (duck) "ta-ta-ta" (quack, quack). He is really into pointing at things lately. Everytime I get him out of his crib he reaches up at his fan and gets really excited. He also likes me to hold him in front of our family pictures so he can point at and name everyone. He can recognize and point to "A-vee" "Mama" and "Dada." Carson's new favorite thing to do is push around this shopping cart. He pushes it everywhere and will stop to put things in it like he's shopping. It's so fun to watch him play!

And here are a few pictures from a couple of months ago that I never posted. We had a couple of really great "coolish" months and were able to play outside most days. They LOVE to be outside!

Future cheerleader?? I don't know?

Sweet boy!
This was mine when I was a baby. My mom made it, I think. So for fun, I put it on Avery one day when MiMi was coming over.
I thought my mom was going to cry when she saw Avery wearing this. I'm sure it brings back lots of memories for her!
Ok, that's it. Sorry for the extremely long post.

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  1. SOOO sweet. They're so fun! Or exhausting...but fun sounds much more appropriate:). I can only imagine how busy you really must be...but you're making such awesome memories. And, isn't it cool to be able to relate to your mom when you see a memory flood over her of you as a baby? Crazy to think of how quickly they must really grow up...