Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Carson 5

This sweet boy is 5 years old!! There is just something about turning 5 that seems so much older to me. Carson is as big hearted, kind, sensitive, and wild and crazy as they come! He loves people, in fact he never meets a stranger. He's assertive and not afraid to ask anything. He insists on ordering for himself at restaurants and usually for Avery too. (The last time we were at Chick-Fil-A he wanted to go order his own breakfast at the counter, so I gave him the money and he walked up to the counter and said, "Can I get 4 pounds of chicken mini's" which they all thought was hilarious. They ended up giving it to him on the house...I love CFA!!) Carson is incredibly funny (he's recently picked up the phrase, "that's what she said" from his daddy, and though he has no idea what it means, he doesn't hesitate to say it ALL OF THE TIME!!). He's can also be extremely argumentative, is very quick witted, and has an answer for everything, in fact we've joked that he will make an excellent politician one day. Ha! He loves to pray, read his "Bible study" and talk about Jesus. He told me around Easter time that, "Jesus died for our senses." :) Carson loves to sing and listen to music (his favorite songs right now are 'Signs' by Brett Eldredge, 'Chicken Fried' by The Zac Brown Band, 'My Texas' by the Josh Abbott Band, and anything form The Judds...I know totally random, but he loves him some country music!!) He loves to hold the door open for people, is the first to come to your aide, and still loves to snuggle with his momma!! I love this crazy boy!!
Carson's first "selfie" he took, all on his own doing.
This boy is a hunter to the core. He's all about guns, the deer lease, guns, camo, guns, campfires, and did I mention guns?? 
He's a lover of the outdoors,
An early riser...therefore still an excellent napper!!
He finds ways to make everything an adventure (he slept in this tent he got for Christmas for about 6 months...every single night!!)
He loves to pack stuff up and take it with him. My mom jokes that he's the "bag lady." Ha! This purse stayed on his shoulder the whole time he was bowling that day!
He made this little "suitcase" out of a box and a mardi gras necklace.
This is his "adventure bag" that he chose out of the treasure box at school. It stayed on his shoulder for about 3 days straight!
Carson played t-ball for the first time this fall and loved it!! He's a good hitter and a great team player!!

Carson is such a great brother,

a wonderful cousin,
and an awesome grandson. He loves his Papa!
He wants to be just like his daddy when he grows up.
He's a very fast learner too! He told Shane and I that he wanted to take his training wheels off and learn to ride his bike. So on Columbus day this year (Shane was off work) we gave it a try.

It took about 5 minutes and he was riding his bike like a pro!!
Carson is an excellent daddy to his babies! His favorite game to play with Avery is "baby and daddy" or "kid and dad" He's always the dad and Avery is the baby or kid. Ha!
He always makes sure that he has food for his baby. Whether that's a bottle in his pocket,
or breast-feeding while he's hunting.

He did a lot of nursing this past year, but really doesn't do it anymore, these pictures are a few months old. :)
He is going to make a wonderful, deer hunting daddy one day. Just like his own daddy!! 
Happy 5 years Carson!! We love you buddy!

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