Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Cade 19 and 20 Months

This sweet boy is 20 months old!!
And is turning into an opinionated toddler!! We've had our fair share of fits lately, as well as some very independent moments, followed up by lots and lots of energy!! But he is just the cutest and keeps us laughing!!
At 20 months, Cade is trying his hardest to keep up with his big brother and sister. He watches and copies everything they do. He was pretty proud of himself when he put this raspberry on his finger just like Carson and Avery do. He loves music and starts screaming and clapping when we turn on his favorite songs in the car. His most favorite song right now is, "Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift, he calls it "mmm, mmm" He'll say, "Muh-muh mmm, mmm" when he wants to listen to it, then he'll say, 'up, up" wanting me to turn the volume up. He also loves the songs, "My Texas" and "Let it Go." He tries to sing along to Let it Go, it's so cute!
His most favorite thing to do right now is ride the lawn mower. He asks Shane to take him on a ride just about everyday when he gets home from work. He stands at the garage door saying, "On, on" over and over until Shane takes him on a ride. He loves it!!
His other greatest love right now is Special Agent Oso. He calls it, "Owo" and he asks to watch it about thirty times a day. He stands in front of the tv saying, "Owo" over and over until I finally cave and turn it on for him. Then when it's over, he brings me the remote saying, "Uh-oh." Ha! He loves that show. And he will sit and watch the whole episode. It's the only show he'll really watch. Nothing else seems to hold his interest. 
He reminds me so much of Carson at this age. He loves to drive things. Sitting in the front seat of my car and playing with the steering wheel is just thrilling for him! He is all boy!

He has even figured out how to push the gas pedal on the gator. He's pushing the pedal in this picture while his friend Bennett steers. Teamwork!!
He still loves to ride around the yard on the gator with Carson and Avery. He loves to do just about everything they're doing!
He's also developed a thing for shoes. He doesn't care if it's his sister's ballet shoes or his cute new firefighter rain boots!

Cade is obsessed with our new kitten Stella!! The poor little thing has been terrorized by him since joining our family. He loves to hold her, and squeeze her, and pinch her, and chase her. Poor thing. He gives her hugs and kisses and just wants to love on her in his own little toddler ways. 

He is also obsessed with his new cousin Austynn. They came to eat dinner one night and he would not leave her alone. He wanted to hold her and give her kisses. It was the sweetest. He would go over to Tiffani and say, "Up, up" while trying to pick her up. I think he wants a baby sister! :)

I love that his hair is still blond and is starting to curl in the back. It's so cute!! I love how he turns my face with his hand when he wants me to look at something or when he's excited and trying to tell me something. I love all the new things he's trying to say and do. And I love that he's still such a momma's boy!!
Happy 19 and 20 months sweet baby Cade!!

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