Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Carson and Avery are 5!!

I still can't believe that my babies are 5!! These past five years have flown by! These two have brought us so much joy and laughter, along with plenty of frustration and a few gray hairs!! I couldn't even fathom having 5 years olds when I brought my two little babies home from the hospital, but here we are. I am so proud of the sweet, smart, and crazy kids they have become! It's been an amazing 5 years!!
We started their birthday morning with some donuts and birthday candles.
And presents, of course!!
Carson got his very first BB gun. He was so excited!!
Avery got the Elsa dress and doll she'd been wanting. Happy girl!!
We celebrated that night at Chuck E Cheese with the Longs. I love that Carson is kissing Shane's cheek in this picture! He loves his daddy!!
Avery wouldn't go anywhere near Chuck E.
The kids rode the rides and played the games and got lots of tickets to cash in at the end of the night! They had a blast!!

At 5 years old,  Carson is 45lbs (75%) and 45in. (90%). Avery is 40lbs (50%) and 43in. (50%)
This was Carson and Avery's very first picture together on the day they were born. Even in my post C-section-drugged-magnesium drip state, I remember this moment so clearly. Like it was yesterday. Just the most precious moment ever!!
And then we recreated that moment on the night of their 5th birthday. Just for fun!!
Happy Birthday Carson and Avery!!

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