Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ice storm 2013

We had quite the ice storm hit the Dallas area in early December. We woke up Friday morning to an ice covered yard. The kids didn't waste anytime heading out to play in it.

Carson and Shane went sledding in the park on our sand box lid. It was too cold for Avery, she stayed in the stroller.
The storm was quite destructive for a lot of people. There were lots of broken tree limbs and power outages. The weather had been in the 80's just a couple of days before the ice storm hit, so there were a lot of trees that hadn't lost their leaves yet for the fall. I thought these ice covered red leaves on our japanese maple were just beautiful!

So pretty!!
Thankfully the storm hit close to the weekend, so daddy was home from work. The roads were thick with ice and the temp didn't get above freezing for 3 days so we hibernated for a few days. It was actually a really nice little stay-cation for us. The month of December is always so crazy busy, it was nice to be forced to just stay home for a few days and really enjoy the Christmas season. We never lost power, otherwise I probably wouldn't be saying such nice things about this storm. We kept a fire burning pretty much all day for 3 days, the kids loved it!  
Daddy ran to Kroger and picked up our Christmas tree. We usually go to the Christmas tree farm and cut our tree down, but there was no way we were going to be able to drive there on the ice, so this year we got it from the grocery store.
The kids loved helping decorate the tree.

And decorating themselves.

Cade quickly discovered how to take ornaments off the tree.
Had to bust out the baby gate.
We made cookies

And wore our Christmas PJ's
It was a very relaxing, fun weekend. I love any excuse to just stay home for a few days!
We finally ventured out on Sunday for a trip to Cabella's. Church was cancelled due to the condition of the parking lot and daddy was getting a little stir crazy, so we loaded everyone up and headed out. The roads were starting to get a little better, but there was still a lot of slipping and sliding going on. The kids were happy to be out of the house, and we were surprised to find Santa at Cabella's. So this became our very impromptu Santa picture this year. No cute matching outfits. But there were no lines, no tears, and the picture was free, so you can't beat that. And actually it's very fitting because those camo coveralls really sum up Carson's personality and interests right now!

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