Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas Eve 2013

I love Christmas Eve! It's such a laid back day for us. All the shopping and wrapping and prep work is done and we get to just hang out and enjoy the day together.

Plus I love the candle-light service at our church. It helps remind me what this season is really about as we celebrate the birth of our Savior!
The Long's. Love them!!
So beautiful!

After the service we took our traditional Christmas Eve family picture.
Sweet friends!

Me and my girly!
After church we headed over to Mimi and Papa's house for their Christmas Eve party. Where the kids had to endure yet some more pictures before I'd let them go play.

This little cutie didn't mind posing for mommy though!

We got there early to help my mom get set up and almost had to call the fire dept because their oven literally caught on fire. I wish I had a picture of this scene because it was quite comical. The grease from the sausage balls dripped off the pan and caught on fire. There were huge flames and tons of smoke. I was standing in the kitchen doorway holding a huge box fan trying to blow the smoke out the door, my mom was trying to wrangle my 3 kids as my dad and Shane were trying to put out the fire. Shane would open the oven door and my dad would throw a handful of baking soda in and then they'd slam the door again...this went on for a while until the flames were out. They did have a fire extinguisher, but my dad didn't want to use it because that would, "Ruin the food." Um, dad, I think it's pretty much ruined at this point. The ironic part was that my brother had to work on Christmas Eve, so he was at the fire station as my parents kitchen just about went up in flames. Anyway, it was quite the scene, but the boys got the fire out and we aired out the house before everyone got there.

The girls all wore these adorable matching dresses this year.
Ava, Kennedy, Avery, Berkley, and Taylor
Sweet cousins
Then the boys jumped into the picture, doesn't Cade look thrilled?
Playing our traditional game of Left, Right, Center.
Shane let Carson play, and he actually won the first game!

The kids got to open up their new jammies from KiKi!

Everyone cooperated for a picture in their new PJ's
Merry Christmas Eve!

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