Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas Day 2013

Carson and Avery were so excited for Christmas this year. They didn't ask for a whole lot. Carson wanted a Nerf bow and arrow and Avery wanted a craft table for her room.
I was so excited to find this fixer upper on Craigslist. It needed a facelift for sure, but was exactly what I had in mind for a craft table for her.
My mom and I painted it with this really cool "chalk paint" and changed out the drawer knob. I love how it turned out!
She loved it, and was so excited to have her own craft stuff for her room.
Carson was very excited to get his bow and arrow as well.
They didn't waste any time unwrapping their presents.

Cade slept in that morning so he was a little late to the present opening. I don't think he minded too much though.

Daddy opening his new cooler.
We always save the stockings for last.

Then the kids spent the rest of the morning playing with their new toys.

My family came over for brunch on Christmas morning.
Avery and Kennedy with their new pajamas from MiMi

Merry Christmas!

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