Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Jesus Performance

Carson and Avery had their "Happy Birthday Jesus" performance and Christmas parties at school a couple of weeks before Christmas. 
They did such a great job singing their songs!

After the performance, we went back to their classrooms for a Christmas party. 

Carson and Ms. Bass
Avery and Mrs. Ricken
Avery and her friend Ava dressing up like Joseph and Mary
That afternoon, Avery had her "parent show-offs" in her ballet class. She has been taking ballet at our church on Thursday afternoons. They don't have their recital until the spring, so the teacher allows the parents to sit in on the last class of the fall to see what they are learning. 
They did a little Christmas dance for us. It was so cute.

Then they did a couple of tap routines. She has really been liking her ballet and tap class!
Sweet girls.

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