Friday, January 24, 2014

Cade 11 Months

How can it be that my baby is 11 months old already?!? I can't believe that he will have his first birthday next month. This year has flown by!
His shirt says heart breaker :)

Cade's favorite thing to play with these days is this Hello Kitty bottle of lotion. He loves it. It apparently makes a very good theether too.
Really he loves any and all travel sized bottles. (and with all of Shane's work travel we have accumulated quite a few of them) I will put a bowl of them on the floor for him and it will keep him busy for at least 30 minutes.
I mean really, why do we buy toys?
Cade has gotten much better at standing this past month. He will hold on with just one hand, but isn't cruising just yet.
Doing the splits!
This might be the only picture I get of him with a paci in his mouth. I love me a paci-baby! And I'm still a little sad that he never took one. He loves to chew on them and then randomly started sucking on this one a couple of weeks ago. It lasted all of 30 seconds...oh well, one less thing I'll have to break him of later :)

At 11 months Cade:
-is such a busy boy! He is into everything!! He still loves to empty things out. It's probably his most favorite thing to do.
-waves and says "bye bye"
-says "puh-puh" (puppy) when he sees our dog
-shakes his head no when he doesn't want something to eat...which is fairly often now, he's gotten a little picky this past month. 
-loves the squeeze pouches of fruit and veggies, but won't eat chunks of table food fruit. He will eat table food meat and veggies, but no fruit. Which I find really strange. But at least he'll suck down one of those pouches almost every time I offer it to him. He will sometimes let me feed him baby food still, but prefers to feed himself or drink from a pouch now. 
-loves to throw things. Especially balls. He's such a boy already. 
-he also loves to bang things. He loves to go into our bathroom and bang the empty metal dog bowl against the tile floor. It is SO loud, and he just sits there smiling and banging away.
-loves to play with my hair, it is just the sweetest! He's always played with it while he's nursing, but now he will sometimes lay his head on my shoulder and play with the back of my hair. I just love it!
-is nursing about 4-5 times a day (still won't drink from a bottle or sippy cup..but will drink water out of an open cup if I hold it for him)
-wearing size 3 diapers and 6-12 month clothes. And some 12-18 month clothes too.
-napping usually twice a day. Some days, his only naps are in the car seat when we drive back and forth from the church to get Carson and Avery from school. Poor baby #3!
His sister loves holding him (usually against his will). She really loves cradling him like a baby. He usually doesn't let her, but I think he was distracted by his little bottle of shampoo.
Cade has had a tough few weeks. He went from 3 to 6 teeth this month, and we are in the midst of sleep training...aka "crying it out." It has been a really hard week! 
 Cade spent his 11 month "birthday" looking like this yesterday. Absolutely exhausted from the 2 hours of screaming he did the night before. It's so sad! But had to be done. We finally hit the point when he just wasn't sleeping well with me anymore. For a long time, co-sleeping was the only way that we both got a good nights sleep, but the past month that hasn't been the case anymore. I guess he's just getting older and more aware of us being in the bed with him. He got to where he was up almost every hour wanting to nurse, and was so restless while he was nursing. Then if I tried to move him, he would flip out. So I decided about 3 nights ago that enough was enough and we were going to have to just bite the bullet and let him work it out in his own bed. So (as of last night) I've stopped nursing him during the night and we have been letting him cry it out in his bed. I've been praying for strength that I won't cave and go give him what he wants (the boob). Like I said, it's so hard!!
Poor sweet boy has had an exhausting week. But I'm really hoping that if we stick with it, he will start sleeping through the night and will be a lot happier during the day!
He's been so tired during the day that he's been falling asleep in the evenings before dinner. Which he never used to do! Even more reason to get some good sleep habits going on here!
He fell asleep on my back while I was making dinner last night. Sweet baby!!
This is a picture of the monitor from 2 nights ago. He won't lay himself down, so he's been falling asleep sitting up. He was leaning forward against the crib bumper, totally asleep. Poor thing! Hopefully when I write his 1 year post, I will get to say that he's sleeping peacefully through the night!! I'm praying for it at least!!

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