Sunday, June 9, 2013

My not so little baby girl

This girl loves to pretend like she's a baby! Especially now that there is a baby in the house! I let her keep some of her old baby clothes to dress her dolls in. I didn't think she'd try to wear them again. She came down stairs a few weeks ago wearing this newborn onesie. She thought she was pretty cute!

My mom bought her this bottle. She wants to use it ALL the time. We've had to limit it to only when Mimi comes over (its getting a little out if control).

And of course every baby needs a paci. It's funny, I asked her if she remembered her 'pie' and she didn't...that was just last summer too.

She even brings Carson in on the fun! She found this pull-up in her room (we've been done with pull-ups for a while) and said she was wearing her diaper and needed to be swaddled. Carson was more than happy to hold this big baby!

And feed her too!

I'm sure some of this is attention seeking and some of it is just imaginative play. I try not to read too much into it and just let her have fun! Sweet girl!
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