Monday, June 3, 2013

Carson lately

This boy is growing up way too fast! I can't believe he will be 4 in just a few months. There are so many things he does though that reminds me that he's still my little boy. Like getting excited every time he sees a firetruck or trash truck when we're driving, or how he still plays with my hair when i pick him up, or the way he still can't say his "th" sound. He says 'free' instead of three and 'some-fing' instead of something. It's so cute!!
My little superhero!
Carson loves the library! We go to story time every couple of weeks. He loves picking out books and movies to take home. Usually something to do with firetrucks or construction trucks.
Carson has developed some bad sleeping habits lately. He started being afraid of the dark just after Christmas. Wanted to sleep with his light on and door open every night. Then he started migrating out of his room after we tucked him in. He started out by just falling asleep in the floor outside his room.
Then he moved to the top of the stairs
Then on the stairs (this one's my favorite, I mean how does he sleep like that?)
Now he falls asleep every night on the landing on the stairs.

We take him back to bed every night before we go to bed. He then makes his way back downstairs sometime between midnight and 3am and sleeps the rest of the night on the couch. He's a little roamer.
Ellie (my parent's dog) kept him company one night as he fell asleep on the stairs.
Carson has been such a good big brother. He sure loves this baby!

Reading Cade a book.
He's also been a really good daddy to his babies.
Making sure they get enough to eat!
Carson still loves all lawn equipment. Papa got a new mower a few months ago. Carson asks to ride it every time we go over there.
Safety first when you're blowing away the leaves and grass.
We had a huge tree limb break off into our yard during that storm a few weeks ago. Carson, of course, had to saw it up with his chain saw.

All boy!!

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  1. Those pictures of Carson sleeping on the stairs and nursing the baby crack me up. He is a glad you are getting to enjoy every moment. Such great memories!