Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cade 3 months

This sweet boy was 3 months old on 5/23.
He's getting so big!
He's starting to enjoy sitting in the bumbo seat for short little stretches.

He's also getting much better with his tummy time. He's holding his head up really well now.
But he still prefers his back.
He found his hands several weeks ago and they are in his mouth ALL of the time. He puts his fingers so far in his mouth that he gags himself. It's kind of funny.
We are doing a little better with sleep. Cade pretty consistently falls asleep around 9:00 every night and usually sleeps until around 3am. He's had a couple of nights where he slept from 9-5, woohoo! Then this past week he started waking up at midnight, 3am, and 5am again, not sure why, maybe he's having a growth spurt? He sleeps really well in the pack and play for the first stretch of the night, but after he wakes up to eat I have a hard time getting him to lay back down so he usually ends up sleeping with me the rest of the night. Nap time is still really hit or miss. Some days he will nap 3 hours at a time and other days he just catnaps all day. He still wants to nurse to sleep and then I usually transfer him to the swing. Sometimes he stays asleep and sometimes he doesn't, it can be very frustrating. He will still sleep really well in the Moby wrap or Ergo carrier, so I will still strap him on when I really want him to take a nap.
 We haven't made much progress with the bottle. There is much screaming and fighting from Cade when someone is trying to him a bottle. And I've given up on the paci, I have a feeling he might be a finger or thumb sucker... he's really interested in those hands.
His sissy accessorized him with these bead bracelets. Cade is her personal little baby doll.
He's still in size 2 diapers and is mostly wearing size 3-6 months.

He's a pretty happy baby most of the time, well when he's had a good nap that is. He gets pretty fussy when he's overtired and he still screams (more like screeches) when he's in his carseat. I think he's going to be a social baby. He wants to be able to see someone and have people talking to him all the time. He just smiles and coos, it's so sweet. And he started laughing this past month. I love it!!
Happy 3 months baby boy!

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