Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Phone pictures

I love the blog press app I finally downloaded! It's allowed me to post pictures from my phone so much more easily!!
This boy is getting way too big!!

Notice a little toddler head in the background. This is where she would stay ALL the time if I'd let her, right on top of him.


Passed out in the swing!

Such a happy boy!

I love the little expression on his face in this picture.

His eyes are looking more and more blue. I think we might have a little blue eyed boy!

I love taking pictures of him when he's sleeping. So sweet!!

Look at all those chins!

Oh how she loves him!!

I never posted this pic that's been on my phone. This unknowingly was my last belly picture just two days before I went into labor. I remember feeling tired that day at my parents house, but didn't feel like I was close to going into labor.

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