Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Two and a Half!

These two will officially be 2 1/2 tomorrow!
Stop growing up so fast!!
This sassy girl is all about dressing up lately
She loves to go up to her room and try on different outfits
She comes up with some very interesting choices
 She spends hours some days playing dress up and trying on all sorts of different combinations.
And of course no outfit is complete without piglet zipped up inside!
Avery still loves playing with her babies. She loves to feed them, change their diapers, rock them and read them books. She loves babies!!
Some of the cute things Avery is saying lately is:
- "bye bye pee-pee (or poo-poo), love you" while she is flushing the toilet,
- "I want to do frumps" which is a combination of flips and stunts (which is what her cousin Kennedy is always doing when they are together)
- she's started asking just about everyone if they have a "baby tummy" I think she wants mommy to have another baby :)
-when I ask her what the rules are she says, "no fighting, no biting, no pinching"
-one day in the car, a big 18 wheeler hauling a huge tractor drove by us, and Avery turned to Carson and said, "boy's not ride on that, it's only for men's, Carson you too little." So funny!!
-Shane told Avery one day that she needed to say the magic work (looking for her to say please) and she said, "Meeska, Mooska, Mickey Mouse" (that's the "magic word" from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) we just died laughing, it was hilarious.
-at Chick-fil-A we heard someone's car alarm going off and Avery said, "uh-oh, someone pushed the red button."
-When Carson is screaming in the car she will say, "Carson, stop screaming, it's hurting mommy's ears" Thanks for looking out for me A!! She also says, "turn the radio down, it's hurting my ears" when there's a song on she doesn't like.
-when I have to stop quickly or accelerate too fast in the car she says, "People are rude mommy?" or "people are crazy?" Guess she's heard me say that a few times in the car :)
She keeps us laughing and chatters non stop these days!!
This sweet boy still loves to swing.
Here he is swinging with his baby.
And giving it sweet kisses.
Carson has been having fun with all of Avery's dress up stuff too. He's actually pretty good at walking in these high heels. (Daddy's so proud...ha!)
Carson had his first sleep over at MiMi's house a couple of months ago. (Avery's had a couple sleep overs too, but Carson I worried about...he likes to be home...just like his mommy!) He did great, slept all night and had a blast!
He didn't even look back, sigh...
He is still my "wild, crazy, into everything" boy
But he is still so, so sweet and affectionate!
Some of the cute things Carson is saying and doing these days are:
-"I want a-hunna one" (which translates to "I want another one")
-he always wants to know what we are doing, and says, "doing, mommy?" or "doing, daddy?" and he's started asking the dreaded toddler question... "why?"
-Carson is so friendly and affectionate, he waves to everyone in the store (especially old people) and usually ends up calling someone MiMi or PaPa. He also is so affectionate when leaving the grocery store, he always wants to give the checker and bagger a hug and a kiss. That's when I usually have to intervene with teaching him to just blow kisses to people.
-when I make him a cup of juice he says, "no water, just juice mommy." He's caught onto my diluting his juice down with I have to be sneaky.
-"My legs are getting tired" which is what he says when his legs fall asleep, which seems to happen everytime he sits on his knees for any length of time. I explained to him once that when he sits on his knees that his legs will "fall asleep,"  so now he tells us that his legs are "getting tired" So funny!
-Carson loves to sing Jesus loves Me, he lays in his bed after nap and sings Jesus Loves Me as he's waking up. I love to listen to him on the monitor, such a sweet sound!

He just loves riding in his truck DD have him for Christmas.
He's not that great at steering yet...
And apparently neither is she!
Hopefully they'll grow into responsible, non-texting, focused drivers one day.
I can't even think about that day right now.
Right now we are just going to enjoy being two and a half!!

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  1. It's crazy how big they seem! But, 2 year olds are still babies in my book;)!! They're so cute. And seem so fun. Those pictures in Carson's truck cracked me up!! Happy 2 1/2 guys!!