Friday, April 6, 2012

Our new lawn service!

This little boy is all about mowing the graas these days.
He loves to help daddy mow and weed eat.
He even wants to wear "earrings" like daddy (headphones).
So we tucked the iPhone into his undies, turned on some music and he was all ready to mow.
This is him pretending to pull start his mower (he does the sound effect and all, it is so cute!)
Off he goes...

Wonder if he'll be this excited to mow the grass when he's a teenager?


  1. Cute little boy! It looks like he loves mowing your lawn. He enjoys what he was doing. I hope so if he'll be this excited and enjoys mowing the grass when he's a teenager. Maybe he would be hire lawn care service company to do mowing your lawn.
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  2. wow nice picture of baby.he take lawn care .it is so nice.