Thursday, March 22, 2012

Potty Training Rockstars!

Let me just say that my kids are awesome!!
I had decided in my mind that potty training was going to be this awful, horrible, dreadful event, and it wasn't at all. They did so great!!

This boy is my potty superstar! 
Minus one accident on the playground at church Sunday night (and one in the car), he has stayed dry, has been telling me when he needs to go, and has mastered pooping in the potty (after a day and half of holding it). I was just amazed at how well Carson did. I really thought he would be the more difficult one to train. He surprised us!
Even Tigger is wearing underwear now.
Avery is doing so great with her potty training too! She's had a couple of moments when she just didn't want to stop what she was doing long enough to go to the potty, and has therefore had a few pee pee accidents (no poop accidents...thank goodness). The first few days she held her poop till we put her diaper on at night, but lately she's been going just fine in the potty. They both stayed dry at school and when we ran errands this week! So exciting!
So overall, my potty training experience with two toddlers was not that bad. Now I just have to get over the fact that no matter what I do, they are just going to touch everything possible in public gross!!

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  1. That's awesome!! Yay for Carson & Avery! Does that mean my son will be easy too??? Oh, how I hope...& yes. Public restrooms are the worst part of being potty trained. Double yuck.