Monday, March 12, 2012

The Potty Post

Today is Day 1 of our "spring break potty challenge"
We've been unofficially and inconsistently potty training for a couple of months now, but today we said goodbye to the pull-ups (except for nap and bedtime) and hello to our big boy undies and big girl panties!
The last couple of months, Carson and Avery have been really interested in going pee-pee on the potty (it's been mommy who's been hesitant to transition to underwear...honestly I kinda have been dreading it, diapers are so convenient for so many reasons, but I figured I'd better take this opportunity while they are actually interested and go ahead and try to potty train).
She's probably going to kill me for posting this picture one day, but how cute is she? (this was from a few weeks ago, she's out of the boot now)
Washing her hands (notice the panties are on outside of her pants...still learning!)
I don't have any pics of Carson yet in his undies.

I don't have to work until Friday, so we are planning on staying home the next few days and are going to try to master this potty training business (maybe the word master is a little ambitious...we'll see)

So, I am armed with sticker charts, M&M's, oh and lots of wine for mommy...ha ha!
If you think about us this week, pray for success for Carson and Avery (and sanity for me :)


  1. Good Luck!! Maybe they will surprise you and get it right off the bat!!

  2. Good Luck!! We've been working on it too! We bribe Micah with the use of the iPhone when he's on the potty. :)

  3. Have fun! Potty training was not my favorite parenting experience, however, Parker had it down in a week, & looking back, it seems like a piece of cake;). I'm sure they'll do great!