Friday, March 9, 2012

Is It Springtime yet?

It's hard to believe that as I'm typing this it's 40-something degrees outside, and we were running around in short sleeves at the Arboretum just a few days ago. Crazy Texas weather!
We had a fun trip to the Arboretum (or "Ark-aretum" as my kids call it) with MiMi, our friends Eli and Jillian, and their mommy Brittney! 
Brittney got a good shot of all four kids actually looking at the camera at the same time, and we didn't even have to bribe them with candy this time!
Best picture I got of my kids together that day...they just don't cooperate at the same time
Carson trying to give Avery a kiss!
Carson climbing...
And finally sitting so sweetly for a picture in the tulips.
Avery "taking a break"
Sweet little buddies, love these girls!
Carson and Avery got their faces painted.
Avery chose the "pretty pink princess" (not surprised, she loves all things princess or "prin-cents" as she calls it)
Carson chose spiderman, and I was shocked that he actually sat and did it!
Mimi with the princess and Spidey
My most favorite picture of the day. Brittney took this beautiful picture of Avery in the flowers. Such a little model, she never sits this nicely for me :) Britt, I seriously love this picture!!
Yay for spring (now go away cold weather)!!

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  1. Hey girl:)! Thanks for your comment the other kids are getting big. It's crazy how you just keep going along & one day you notice they've changed somehow. Yours are getting too big too!! It's amazing. They are so cute, & seem so sweet. Hope y'all are doing good...good to see Avery not in a boot;). And...I'm with you...I want the warm weather back! (I'll eat those words in a week or