Saturday, December 6, 2014

Halloween 2014

We started out our Halloween week with Carson and Avery's Storybook Parade at school.
Daddy was able to come watch Elsa and Darth!

Later that evening we had our Fall Festival at church.
Group shot with their buddies Gavin and Graham.
I loved Cade's little dragon costume so much! And I took way too many pictures of him in it!

Sweet baby!! He loves him some candy, or "nanny" as he calls it.
The kids had fun playing games, earning candy, and hanging out with their friends!

It was a fun night!
One last picture in front of the sad rotting pumpkins on Halloween day. It's still hot in Texas in October. Though it did get pretty chilly on Halloween night this year. 
Which is why Carson changed his costume to a Deer Hunter.
We stopped at our old neighbors Jim and Susan's house on the way to meet up with our normal trick or treating crew.

Cade was very excited about his "nanny"
Miss these sweet neighbors!!
After Jim and Susan's, we headed over to Donna's house for some more trick or treating!
But first we had to torture the children with lots of picture taking!
It was a Frozen kind of night! Four Elsa's, One Anna,
And one sweet baby Olaf!
Then we had the "D" group. The doctor, dragon and deer hunter! 
Cade loved trick or treating! He wanted to walk by himself, and carry his own bucket. And of course wanted to eat just about every piece of candy he received. 
These two were so cute trick or treating together!
I finally caught up with the big kids long enough to take a picture. They were hard to keep up with this year!
I love watching them sort through their candy at the end of the night. Reminds me so much of my own trick or treating days!!

Happy Halloween!!

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