Monday, December 8, 2014

Crawfish Boil 2014

We had our annual crawfish boil in May! It was so fun!! 
We had t-shirst this year, thanks to our friend Adam who works for NOLA lending! It was awesome!
Granny and Grandpa came from Florida, we were so excited they could come this year!

Travis, JJ, Barrett, and Madison also came in town! It was so fun!

The crawfish was delicious, the company was wonderful, and the kids just about out numbered the adults this year!! It was a fun night!!

This little guy fell asleep on Brandy's lap. So sweet!

And this girl passed out in the playroom. They partied hard!!

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  1. Barrett still talks about how Avery and Carson have a big bouncy castle with a slide in their backyard! I think he's going to be a little disappointed to find out it isn't always there!! :)