Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow much fun...take two!

We have been having some crazy weather here in Texas. Ice, snow, schools closed for 4 days, temps in the teens and twenties for days. This is just not normal for Texas, but I have to say we have been enjoying it.
We woke up to a beutiful 6 inches of snow this morning. And it's still snowing now.
So pretty outside!
I took Carson and Avery out to play in the snow this morning which was much more fun for them this time around. I safety pinned on their gloves and made Carson some plastic knee-high socks with the help of some rubberbands (so the snow wouldn't get in his shoes, poor child doesn't have any boots), and we went outside for the first time in 4 days.
They loved it!

They walked all over the yard,
checking out the snow.

Carson did a couple of face plants.

Uncle Ryan stopped by for a few minutes.
Avery trying to give Django a kiss. (Django was playing nice today!)
One last face plant, and I think we are ready to head back inside!
Happy snow day everyone!


  1. Oh the snow! Glad they had a good time. Being locked inside for days will make you appreciate anything outside:)!! They are so cute...