Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Is it Spring yet?

Winter has been rough this year.
We've been inside, wishing it was warm enough to go outside, or at least just leave the house.
We did get a few days of nice weather (before the ice and snow came again) and were able to get out and go places for a change. We started up our spring semester of Tiny Tots and Tunes music class at church yesterday. It was so nice to let Carson and Avery run around and get some of this energy out. And boy did they! Carson was a wild man in class, running all over, dumping the buckets of instruments, trying to steal the other baby's pacis and hair bows, while I chased him around the room. He keeps me moving!! Avery, on the other hand, has become a little mother. There was one little boy in class who had his paci hanging off his shirt on a clip, and she kept going over to him and putting it back in his mouth. She's been so sweet to babies lately (I hope she's not trying to tell me something). She wants to cover them with their blankets and the other night she was feeding Carson his bottle while we were getting him dressed for bed. It was really cute.
Here they are sitting in their lawn chairs praying for an early spring!
They love playing with chairs now.
They drag their little chairs all over the house.
And have learned how to climb up on them to get things they want.
So many ways to play with one toy:

Someone's been watching too much Handy Manny.
Avery loves to talk on the phone.
Everytime my phone rings she says, "Huh-row daddy" (hello daddy).
And she holds the play phone up to her ear and says, "huh-row"
Still talking on the phone.
Carson has his two bottom molars coming in and has had a really rough week. So fussy. I even took him to the doctor Monday because I was convinced he must have an ear infection. Nope, just teething. Poor baby. Avery got all 4 of her molars at the same time and never acted any differently, but Carson is having a much harder time with it.
But I was able to catch a few smile from him this week.
Sweet boy!

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