Friday, January 21, 2011

A New Appreciation....

For Bungee cords!!
We use them on everything!!
They are great baby proofing devices!!
Especially if you don't want to drill screws into the banister (like my husband). This is much more attractive, don't you think??
Holding up a gate in the large doorway of the dining room.
There is too much glass on the china cabinet doors in this room, makes me nervous!
Baby bungee for the study door.
And my personal favorite, the dual use bungee on the oven door.
Holds up the play kitchen set, to keep Carson from knocking it over and dragging it around the kitchen, and also keeps them from climbing on and pulling open the oven door. (Which they did many times prior to the bungee cord)
I know, a little WT!
I like to think of it as creativity :)