Monday, January 17, 2011

15 Months

I'm a little late on on this one, but here is 15 months:
Avery 20lbs 4oz (10th%) and 30in (50th%)
Carson 23lbs 2oz. (25th%) and 32.5in (75th%)
Avery has entered into the "toddler picky eater" stage. So sad! She was such a good eater for so long. I guess this explains her drop to the 10th percentile. She still loves fruits and veggies, but isn't much of a carb or meat girl (not my child!!). Carson still eats just about anything, and a lot of it!!
They are both talking so much now. They are saying please, thank you, more, all done, night-night. They can both point to and name eyes, ear, nose, and they stick out their tongue when you ask them where their tongue is. Avery has starting saying mommy, and daddy instead of mama and dada. Her favorite word right now is probably, "pie" which is what she has started calling her paci. When she can't find it, she walks around with her hands turned up in the air saying , "pie? pie?" in the most pitiful voice you've ever heard. It's is so cute!! Here she is looking for it:
She's also started waving and saying bye-bye to my camera everytime I try to take her picture. I thought she was just being cute, until she walked over and hit the camera then said, "bye-bye." I guess she's tired of the camera being in her face.
Avery's really loving this purse she got for Chirstmas. She puts all of her bracelets (which are mostly just those snapping baby rings, but she thinks they are bracelets) into her purse and carries it around on her arm.
It has been so interesting for me to watch how Carson and Avery have just naturally taken to certain toys and activities. While Avery will sit and play with her babies and purses, Carson is much happier running around, driving his trucks and trains all over everything. He's even started making the noises when he's pushing his trucks around.
He's also found new and inventive ways to get up onto the window seals, which he does on a daily basis. He's going to start thinking his name is "No-no." In fact, he says, "no-no-no" prior to doing things we've told him not to do (like climbing on the end table, getting behind the tv, splashing in the toilet). It doesn't stop him from doing it, but at least he's realizing that these things are no-no's.
Carson loves his sissy, or he loves to bug her. Not sure which one. He just wants to be where she is. We have two of these cars, but Carson wants to be in the same one as Avery. If she has something, he wants it and if she's doing something he wants to do it too. It's really sweet, but a little exhausting at the same time.
I think her face shows exactly how she feels about this!!
Happy 15 (almost 16) months Carson and Avery!!

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