Friday, January 7, 2011

Goodbye 2010

What a fun year you have been!!
How is it possible that these two babies can look like this...
and this....
all in the same year?!?
Time sure does fly!!

Lots of learning took place in 2010,
How to sit up
and of course,climb!!
We enjoyed one crazy snow day,
and lots of fun in the sun!!
We went on some fun, family vacations:
Skiing in Colorado,
Beach trip to Key West,
The mountains of West Virginia,
And a couple of weekends at our cabin in Oklahoma!
They were dedicated at church,
took their first trip to the fair,
first trip to the zoo,
celebrated their first birthday,
and had their first visit with Santa!
We've had lots of silly moments,
and some sad ones,
and lots of really sweet ones too!!

2010 has been such a fun year, and I'm kinda sad to see it go.
But I am looking foward to all the fun things we are going to do, see, and learn in 2011.
Happy New Year!!


  1. That was really sweet. It's so hard letting go of things...why is that?! They are so adorable...

    OH! And yay for your sewing machine!! :)

  2. look at your cute post! i LOVE it. i wish i was this on top of things. ;)

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