Thursday, November 18, 2010


I love the fall!! I love pumpkins, and the cool air, and all the beautiful colors! It is my favorite time of year. Carson and Avery have been enjoying the beautiful fall weather too!!
We were able to visit a couple of pumpkin patches in October. Here they are at a pumpkin patch in Richardson.
They loved playing in all the pumpkins!

We also met up with some friends to visit the arboretum pumpkin patch.
Carson and Avery with baby Cooper and Emery Kate.

This is the same pot of little pumpkins that we took thier picture in last year.
And here is last years pumpkin patch picture. Sweet little tiny babies!!
This past weekend we went up to Oklahoma for the Beaver's Bend Fall Festival.
We go every year, and we always have such a great time!
Hanging out, listening to some folk music.

What's in your mouth Taylor??
Little Indian princess!
At the petting zoo. Checking out what they will be eating next week. Gobble, gobble....

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