Tuesday, November 9, 2010

13 months

Carson and Avery turned 13 months old a couple of weeks ago.
This is pretty much their obsession lately.
There are only a couple of drawers and cabinets that don't have locks on them in the kitchen, and they know exactly which ones they are.
Avery likes to sit in this cabinet and Carson likes to close her up in it.
Then Avery pushes the door back open. It's amazing more fingers don't get pinched during this little game they play.
Seriously, a whole room full of toys and this is what they want to play with!!
Sweet, curious babies!!
At 13 months, Carson and Avery:
-are walking everywhere and starting to run. Carson can especially pick up some speed when he starts running. Avery can take a few steps backwards which she will concentrate really hard on while she does it. So funny!
-are saying lots of new words and sounds. Avery will try and repeat most things you say to her. Carson's favorite word right now is "hot." He thinks that just about everything is hot. If I'm holding a cup in my hand he will walk over and touch the outside of it and say, "hot." It is so cute!! Avery's latest words are book, nose, more, night-night, and duck.
-are taking 1-2 naps a day, are doing really well with their sippy cups but still get a bottle before bed, and still both love their paci's and blankies. They are at such a fun age and we love watching them play, explore, and figure things out!!

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  1. Goodness...13 months. I totally get the toy thing. So funny that they find so much pleasure in making big messes with big people stuff:). They're just so cute...