Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rolling and Smiling

Carson and Avery turned 2 months old on Sunday. We are so proud of our babies, they had an eventful week this past week. They started smiling.... the staring right at your face, interactive kind of smile. So, so sweet! They are also rolling. They both rolled over from front to back on Friday 11/27. I couldn't believe that they both rolled over on the same day. So competitive.
They both got their first immunizations on Monday, it was really sad. I had never heard Carson scream so loud.
Sweet smiling girl!
Avery weighed 10lbs 14oz (50th%) at her 2 month appointment and was 22.5 in. long (25th%)
She is such a sweet girl, and still very spirited!
She still loves to nap in her swing, but is starting to have more "happy awake" time during the day. She loves to sleep next to mommy at night (I know... bad habit, but sometimes you just gotta do whatever will get her to sleep!)
Happy boy
Carson weighed 11lbs 4oz (50th%) and was 22.5in long (25th%). We were so surprised that he passed his sister in weight.
He is such a happy boy and loves to look at himself in the mirror. He is starting to focus more on what we are saying to him and will just stare and smile at us when we talk to him. He hates the hiccups and has to be held while he has them... so sweet!
2 month picture
Look how much we've grown since 1 month ago!!
They are both wearing 0-3month clothes now. They officially can't fit into newborn clothes anymore. They are also starting to have one 4-5 hour sleeping stretch at night between feeds. Yay!!


  1. WOW! I can't believe how much they look like babies now instead of infants. Crazy, crazy how fast it goes. They are still so adorable. Things start getting so much easier & more fun once they learn to smile at you:). And to think you have 2 of them! Thanks for this post...makes me relax & excited about this baby about to invade our world. Sweet moments...keep loving those kids!

  2. YAY Carson and Avery! What a big moment! Thanks for sharing and how sweet! Time is moving fast! Enjoy!