Thursday, January 1, 2015

Summer Road Trip Part 4

After our one night stay in Hilton Head, we continued north to our next stop in Charlotte, North Carolina to visit our cousins. Carole was so sweet to let us stay with her for 3 nights. After we arrived in Charlotte on Monday, I had to take Shane to the airport for his flight home. His vacation was over and he had to get back to work, plus do all the closing stuff for our new house. We were sad for daddy to go. 

The kids didn't waste anytime, they were ready to play after all those hours in the car!

Avery loved playing with Carole's daughters Ella and Caroline.

The kids loved feeding my cousin Angela's goat Lucy.

I love that Carole still has my Grandma's old croquet set. My brother and I used to love playing croquet at my Grandma's house when we were growing up. I love that my kids are playing with the same set!!

We also got to help Ella celebrate her 7th birthday! Sweet girl.
Look at these cuties in their matching Target dresses.
On our last night in Charlotte, Carole had a nice dinner at her house for our family. My dad's cousin Lib came, it was so great to see her.
We also got to see Stephanie and Ben!
Sweet cousins!
Me, Lib and Carole.
On Thursday, we headed to the airport to pick up MiMi and start our drive up to West Virginia. We were all so excited to see her!!
We drove through Virginia and then on into West Virginia.
I snapped this picture of the kids at a rest area in Virginia (which got nicer and more scenic the further north/east we drove). This part of the country is just so beautiful. 
We arrived at Nanny and Papa's house in West Virginia on Thursday afternoon, and it was no surprise that this was the first thing that Carson wanted to do. He was really looking forward to riding the Gator!
Papa took everyone on a ride!

The next morning, we went on a walk in the beautiful 50 degree August!! I didn't even know what to do with myself, it was such a nice break from the Texas heat!!

Picking wildflowers with MiMi!
That afternoon we loaded up the Gator and headed up the mountain for a picnic at the cabin my Uncles built.

This little guy passed out on the bumpy ride up the mountain.

Uncle Jeff met us up there and let Carson ride back down the mountain in his lap.
And hunt out his window! Carson was in heaven!!
That night we had a family dinner and got to see lots of aunts, uncles and cousins!!
Cade loved splashing in the puddles with Kaysen.

Cade and Paige.
Reagan and Cade.

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