Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Random pics

I'm finally posting all these random pictures of the kids that have been stuck on my phone!
Carson and his friend Mac! These two have fun together!
This sweet girl is such a helper!! She's great at folding laundry!
And this boy!! He really does have a servants heart!! He washed and put away the dishes for me, without being asked to do it! I hope this little trend continues!!
They really can be so sweet together, when they're not trying to kill each other!!
Lunch with these sweet friends! We love the Longs!!

They love to play in Cade's bed! And I love to watch them play together!!
Preschool is exhausting! This is Carson pretty much everyday after school. Kindergarten is going to be tough next year on this sleepy boy!
Stella loves sleeping on Carson's bed!
And in the tent that has found its way back to Carson's bed!
Cade watches everything. Monkey see, monkey do!
This gator has been one well played with toy! They love it!!
Avery and her friend Ava at Camille's birthday tea party!

Cade and his friends at church doing art! I mean, how cute are they!!
Carson and Avery loved playing on this giant Operation board at Jenni's nursing school graduation party!

Mimi and Papa gave Carson this inflatable deer for Christmas and he loves it!! My little hunter boy!
Daddy took Avery to the deer lease for a little daddy/daughter bonding time, and she had a blast!
Meanwhile, the boys and I enjoyed Freebirds and Yougurtville!

I'm so thankful she has a daddy that loves her so much!
Nurse Avery did a little surgery on Giraffey's leg.
Sweet girl!

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