Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Cade 23 Months

This crazy boy!! How is he almost two?!? Time is flying, we're having fun though!
Cade is doing so much better being dropped off at church. I did a Tuesday morning Bible Study last fall and he loved his teachers, Ms. Frieda and Ms. BeBe. They were so sweet with him!!
No matter how hard I tried, I could never get him to take a paci as a baby, now he thinks it's funny to put one in his mouth. 
Cade loves to follow around Carson and Avery. He does his best to keep up with them! He wants to be big so badly. He loves playing tea party with Avery!
And he loves to get in the shower with Carson!
Her own personal baby doll.
Sweet brothers!! (Cade is wearing this onsie because he won't leave his diaper on. He's very interested in the potty, mommy is not ready for this!! The first time he sat on the potty he fell in. Now every time he sits on the potty he says, "I fall" Ha!)
His favorite food, beans and rice!
His other favorite food.."nanny" (candy)!! He has quite the sweet tooth.
And he's sneaky!! I found him hiding in the front seat of my car eating M&M's. He loves his "nanny."
The "terrible twos" have begun. This boy can throw a serious fit! And has recently learned the words, No, Me, and Mine. These three words pretty much dominate his vocabulary these days. No is the answer to just about everything!! 
Sweet boy is slow to wake,
loves to wear my boots,
play with cars,
and wear his bother's handcuffs. And he is still obsessed with Oso! 

He thinks that anything that hurts is from an ant. He points to his boo boo and says, "An, an." Poor thing, I think he was traumatized by the ants that attacked his feet a few months ago. 
Sweet Stella is one tolerant cat. Cade likes to decorate her and give her toys to play with. Ha!
And he dumps her food out any chance he gets!!
Yep, he's definitely an almost two year old!!
Sneaky boy. My sweet, cuddly, loud, crazy, mischievous, momma's boy!! Oh how I love him!!

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