Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Worst Parents Ever!

Well, we have our first little fracture in the Daniels house.
And to our surprise, it was our sweet, cautious little girl.
Not this crazy daredevil!

And it only took us a week to figure out she had a fracture, bless her little heart, we seriously are the worst parents ever!
Sorry for everyone that's already heard this story, but for documentation's sake, I'm going to tell it again :)

Two weeks ago, I was upstairs with Avery in her room getting her ready for nap. She was standing behind me and I heard her fall down, then she started screaming and holding her ankle. I thought maybe she just tripped or rolled her ankle, there were some books on the floor where she fell. It wasn't really swollen and I could move it around, so I thought surely she had just sprained it or something. Well, the rest of the day she wouldn't put any weight on it and the next morning still wouldn't stand on it. I took her to the pediatrician the day after she fell and she also felt like it was just a little spain but told me to call her if she still wasn't bearing weight on it in a week and we'd get some x-rays. Well by Tuesday of the next week she still wouldn't put any weight on it (despite Shane and I trying to make her, even bribing her to stand on it....I know, worst parents ever!). So we went and got x-rays and sure enough she had a fracture. We made an appointment with the orthopedic group at Childrens for the following day, and I feared all night that she was going to end up in a cast. It turned out to be such a blessing, because she was seen by my friend Gerad from nursing school (he's a nurse practitioner there) He said that she has a "toddler's fracture" which is a spiral fracture of the tibia (shin bone) caused by a rotational type of injury to the bone. (I think she must have slipped on a book and her body twisted around while her right foot stayed planted, causing the bone to twist) Gerad said that he would normally put kids with this type of fracture in a cast, but that since he knew me and trusted that we would make her wear the boot, we could try that first, such a blessing!! So we went home in a walking boot, and she is doing great in it. She didn't want to walk on it and still crawled around for a couple of days, but now she's got the hang of it. She gets to take it off for bath and sleeping, thank goodness!!
She walks with her little arms out to the sides like this for balance.
She's just about back to her normal self, it's amazing how quickly kids adapt to things!
She'll wear it for 5 weeks, then we'll go back for more x-rays to see if she's ready to get it off.
If this is the worst thing she ever has to go through, then we are truly blessed!!


  1. Oh, poor little Avery:(. And poor mom & dad. I think it's harder on us sometimes when something's wrong with our kids. You shouldn't feel too bad; we have a family at our church that just went through the same thing with their 2 year old. Must be a tricky, tricky thing figuring out if your toddler has a broken bone! We'll be praying for her to heal quickly! Thankfully she seems to be doing great:). And, apparently, like mother, like daughter;)...

  2. Leave it to us nurses! I did the same thing with NAthans ear infection...kept thinkin, it's just a virus it will go away. I hope Avery heals fast...and you are not a bad mom!! I can't believe how fast the 2 of them are growing!