Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Is it just in their blood, that boys love anything on wheels?
Shane brought his four-wheelers home from his deer lease last weekend and decided to take the kids for a ride around the backyard, and Carson has been obsessed ever since.
He laughed and screamed the whole time, and cried when we had to go inside. He's been asking to ride everyday this week and the first thing he says to Shane when he walks in the door is, "ride the fur-da-wheel??" He loves it!!
Avery, however wasn't too sure about it. We got her to try it, despite her protest.
Now she'll only get on if mommy rides too, so yesterday all 4 of us were riding around the backyard. How redneck are we?? The neighbors probably got a big kick out of it!!
What a good Daddy!!

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