Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Two VERY Independent Two Year Olds

I don't know if it's more frustrating for them or for me.
Carson and Avery (especially Avery) have become very independent lately.
"My do it" "My do it myself" and "My did it" (they get their I's and My's mixed up) are phrases used daily in this house. Avery gets herself dressed now, completely dressed shoes and all, all by herself. She does not  want any help or guidance, therefore her pants and shirt are usually on backwards and inside out, but she sure is proud of herself afterward. It is kinda nice that she is able to dress herself, except when we are running late, which is pretty much everyday :)
Here she is with her bathing suit bottom that she insisted was a hat.
Avery is still such a little mommy. She loves playing babies more than anything else, weather it's a baby doll or her brother.
She loves swinging her baby in her big swing outside.
Carson and Avery have been talking so much more since turning two.
They both love to look at pictures of themselves on my phone. Avery will say, "I want to see Avery." She kinda loves herself... a lot!! She really is so motherly, not only to her babies, but to Carson too. Carson is terrified of loud noises like the trash truck and the tornado siren. He usually ends up crying with his lovie buried in my shoulder, and Avery will stand there and pat his back and say, "It's ok Carson, it's ok Buddy." So sweet!! She also pats anyone that is coughing on the back and says, "goodness." She's become a little bit of a hypochondriac I'm afraid. She had the dreaded awful stomach bug a week before Christmas then got a UTI the next week, so she almost daily will tell me, "I sick, tummy hurts, I need to go to the doctor." Poor thing, I think she was traumatized by it all.

Carson is as rambunctious and tender hearted as ever!! As I said earlier, he is terrified of loud trucks and I cringe during nap time when I hear a truck coming down our street, it will usually wake him up despite the two fans I have in his room for white noise. Poor guy. Even though he is so scared of the trash truck, he still loves fire trucks, which he started calling a "Wire _uck" (fill in the blank:) Shane of course gets a big kick out of this.
Carson finally got a little hair cut before Christmas. I've trimmed his bangs twice now but still haven't touched the back, just can't bring myself to do it.
Carson has been talking so much more lately too. I can understand most of what he says, but sometimes have a hard time figuring out what he is trying to tell me. One of the things that he says now that just make me smile is, "I too happy" (he'll just say this randomly and it melts my heart). He also loves when we whisper in his ear, he holds his ear up to our faces and asks us to tell him a "secret" then he always wants to whisper a secret back. They both do this and always say the same thing," I love you." So sweet. Carson has started playing with some of Avery's baby dolls. He likes to wrap them up in his lovey and rock them while singing Jesus Loves Me. It is precious. They have also started putting their babies in time out and spanking them, which makes me sad and makes me question whether or not we should spank, but I think this is pretty normal play for toddlers to do.
Don't let this face fool you, he knows how to get into some trouble :)
They both love singing and can sing Jesus Loves me, the ABC's, and Twinkle Twinkle fully now. They can also each count to 10 (although Avery will occasionally leave out 3 and 4).
They both love to have the windows rolled down in the car, they say, "roll my wee-woah down." They have a very hard time understanding that Christmas is over and all the neighborhood decorations are packed up. They still ask everyday to go see baby Jesus by the duck pond. We've driven by a couple of times to show them that baby Jesus is not there anymore, but they still don't quite believe us.
Overall, turning two has been exciting, challenging, exhausting, and just plain fun!!


  1. If it makes you feel any better, Parker spanks his toys and puts them in timeout too...poor Elmo gets in trouble quite a bit around our house :) The funny thing is that now Parker asks to be put in time out when he's done something wrong, haha

  2. It is such a fun age! It only gets better as they get older!