Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Woodlands Weekend

Last weekend we went down to The Woodlands to visit Grand-D!
The Woodlands has so many fun things for kids to do, and Grand-D had a lot of stuff planned for us!
We spent Saturday morning at the YMCA pool.
This was the neatest pool, with lots of water slides and dumpbuckets.
Carson and Avery loved it, once they warmed up to it.
Shane spent the whole time playing horsey, which is their most favorite game to play these days. He must have made 20 laps around the pool saying, "neigh" the whole time. Such a good daddy!
My sweet girl!
Running though the sprinklers.
Carson, sporting Grand-D's hat.
Saturay afternoon, we went to the Woodlands Childrens Museum.
It had so many fun activities and stations for the kids to play in.
Carson was in heaven when he found the truck. His most favorite thing to do right now is "drive," and his most favorite thing to talk about is "daddy's truck." Everytime we get in the car he wants to sit in the front seat and play with the steering wheel and all the buttons, so this was perfect for him!
There was a cute little grocery store where the kids could shop for groceries and then pay for them. Here is Carson at the ATM :)
This picture makes me smile. Avery has been so into her stuffed animals and babies lately. She pushed this little grocery cart over to the puppet station and loaded all the puppets into her cart. So cute, and she was so proud of heself!
Sunday morning we went over to another playground area before heading home.
They got to play in the fun sprayground area,

and then headed over to the park to play.
They were worn out for the car ride home.
Saturday night we met up with our sweet friends Jordan and Kristen (our matchmakers back in college) and their kids for dinner at my favorite restaurant in The Woodlands, Guadalajaura (not sure if I spelled that right :). It was so good to see them!
Family pic with Grand-D.
Thanks for a fun weekend Grand-D!

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